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June 2, 2010

Today in Deadspin’s Half-Assed Soccer Blogging

With the World Cup approaching, there has been a noticeable uptick in the quantity of soccer-related posts on Deadspin. However, the vast majority of them clearly were lackluster in effort. Every day until the World Cup (and maybe even through it) we’ll break down the previous day’s most half-assed post. If you’re still not clear, check out the first post here.

Join us after the jump for the fourth post in the series.

Post: Benni McCarthy Dropped from South Africa’s Squad for Being Too Fat

Total Words: 343

Original or Repurposed: Repurposed.

Total Estimated Time: Maybe as much as 15 minutes.

Comments: Whoa, what’s going on here? This post has lots of words. And it’s got quotes and stuff from things that happened previously. That’s like effort and stuff. We’re almost dumbfounded.

Seriously, though we blogged about this, so we can’t be too hard on it (although a) subject matter alone doesn’t mean you weren’t lazy and b) we went a different route because it’s pretty well known that Benni McCarthy likes his pudding). Still, the Spoiler went and dug up quotes from West Ham’s chairman David Sullivan to give a little more context to the crog-mag lay-reader.

Half-Assedness (on a 10 scale): 3. This is the first entry that even came near triple digits words. And then they went and wrote over 340 of the damn things (okay, that’s including two quotes) but what the hell? It still probably took both time and effort to do that post.

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