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June 8, 2010

No No Nani, No No Nani

"This hurts"

For those of you blazing the Twitter last night, you may have noticed a rogue tweet about podcasts. It’s true; we’re finally there, and in said podcast, yours truly talked an awful lot of s**t on Portugal. They’re basically Cristiano Ronaldo + 10 mildly warm bodies ambling about the pitch, seemingly bereft of ideas. Maybe that’s what happens when you hire Sir Alex Ferguson’s lackey to steer the ship, but I digress.

It appears that my s**t-talking is well-placed, as arguably the 2nd most important man on that Portugal squad just succumbed to a shoulder injury and will miss the World Cup. Come on down, Nani, you quick-dribbling winger, you. Nani suffered the injury in training before the squad left for SA.

Said the Portuguese FA’s official statement: “Following the injury to the left clavicle suffered by Nani, a daily assessment of the damage and the completion of medical tests, we have concluded he is unable to be competitive. The medical file will now be presented to the medical department of Manchester United. In light of the report, the Portuguese Football Federation, taking into account the Fifa regulations for the 2010 World Cup, will call up Ruben Amorim as a replacement.”

So there you have it, folks. Portugal takes another dive in our estimation; and to think CRon hasn’t even stepped on the pitch yet.

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