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June 8, 2010

No No Nani, No No Nani

"This hurts"

For those of you blazing the Twitter last night, you may have noticed a rogue tweet about podcasts. It’s true; we’re finally there, and in said podcast, yours truly talked an awful lot of s**t on Portugal. They’re basically Cristiano Ronaldo + 10 mildly warm bodies ambling about the pitch, seemingly bereft of ideas. Maybe that’s what happens when you hire Sir Alex Ferguson’s lackey to steer the ship, but I digress.

It appears that my s**t-talking is well-placed, as arguably the 2nd most important man on that Portugal squad just succumbed to a shoulder injury and will miss the World Cup. Come on down, Nani, you quick-dribbling winger, you. Nani suffered the injury in training before the squad left for SA.

Said the Portuguese FA’s official statement: “Following the injury to the left clavicle suffered by Nani, a daily assessment of the damage and the completion of medical tests, we have concluded he is unable to be competitive. The medical file will now be presented to the medical department of Manchester United. In light of the report, the Portuguese Football Federation, taking into account the Fifa regulations for the 2010 World Cup, will call up Ruben Amorim as a replacement.”

So there you have it, folks. Portugal takes another dive in our estimation; and to think CRon hasn’t even stepped on the pitch yet.

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James T


  1. SLB

    Well, I guess we’ll find out in a week if you’re right. I will never understand why this site spends so much effort ridiculing Portugal…they have punched way over the weight and over-achieved for the last 3 international tournaments while a “heavyweight” like England continues to disappoint.

  2. RFCSean

    Jimniny Crickets!!! The way stars are falling out of this World Cup, you’d think it was the NFL Pro Bowl or the NBA All-Star game.

  3. Ryan

    Drogba- hurt. Nani- hurt. Jong Tae-se- just fine.
    The People’s Rooney shall have his day.

  4. bergkampesdios

    The best part is he hurt himself celebrating a goal by trying to do his spiffy little flip. The Schadenfreude around this tournament is so thick you can smell it.

  5. James T

    I was utterly unimpressed with them in 2002, then again in 2008, and then again in qualifying for 2010. Plus, I’ll admit that I’m biased toward CRon from his United days (I’m a Scouser).

    I’m drinking the NK Kool-Aid and thinking they’ll get a good result against the Seleccao (not the Selecao, bc that would be insane)

  6. Arkie

    I don’t think anyone likes Portugal because they come across as d-bags, or maybe thats just me. Really it’s just C-Rons d-baggery rubbing off onto the whole team and coloring my view of them. They will lose to N. Korea.

    Also, I know UEFA is a stronger region and whatever, but I just finally looked up England’s final qualifying group and wow, that was a tough one… I understand why they kicked so much ass in it, fighting the mighty Kazakhs and all. And unlike the US, theres no English players flying across the ocean to prepare for their qualifiers. I’m believing in an upset Saturday! (that or we get embarrassed)

  7. bergkampesdios

    Do you guys really have 9 more previews to get through before Friday, or are you staging them based on when they play their first match? Just trying to gauge how much work I’m getting done between here and there.

  8. James T

    Yes we do. We’re getting them all done by Friday. Gua-ran-teed!

  9. whizalen

    I was in Amsterdam when they took out the Dutch in ’06. So I hate them for that.

  10. James T

    That game was a f**king mess.

  11. ebullientfatalist

    @JT: Will there be liveblogs of games? Unfortunately for me, the American political campaign season is heating up and since I’m no longer just a postgraduate student, I can’t watch TV whenever I so choose.

    What I’m saying is this: give me liveblogs, at least for the important matches. (Read: Slovenia-Algeria)

  12. James T

    We are currently hashing out an ambitious liveblog schedule for all WC games. It might involve some blood, sweat, and definitely tears, but we’re committing to getting it done for the good of the peoples.

  13. You know – this can only help Portugal’s chances… Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person.

  14. ebullientfatalist

    @JT: Excellent. Thanks!

  15. SLB

    @ James T. Well, Portugal was absolute s**te in ’02 an ’10 qualifying was a disaster. I thought they gave Germany a tough go in the ’08 quarters and could have won that game. Just pointing out that at their size, it’s a shock that they’ve been a legitimate contender since 2000 (3 semi-finals appearances and 1 finals). That said, this team will not go very far.

  16. Mountain WAG

    Thank goodness he was injured doing one of his bulls**t celebratory flips. I can’t believe SAF doesn’t fine him for that when he does it in the EPL (suck it, Barclay’s). The injury was bound to happen…NFL players get fined for over-celebrating all the time, but at least they’re typically not doing anything that could injure themselves. Separate note for full disclosure, I’ve disliked Nani ever since the C-ron/Nani romp with strippers shortly after his arrival at MU. Anyone that will take Crissy’s sloppy seconds (literally, sloppy because he went second) makes my skin crawl. Ew.

  17. Lennon's Eyebrow

    Being a spurs fan of portuguese descent, I don’t know why I visit this site since you all hate everything I support.

    That said, we are going to lose to north korea.

  18. James T

    I’d like to think you enjoy the company?

  19. Lennon's Eyebrow

    Of course JT, you’re the wind beneath my wings.


    Oh, never mind.

  21. Anonsters

    Ruben Amorim? Wasn’t that a character in Lord of the Rings?

  22. James T

    To make it worse, he’s not even a direct replacement on the left side of midfield. He’s another holding MF type, which is exactly what they don’t need.

  23. Anonsters

    @JT: Well, you know what they say

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