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June 8, 2010

Today In Deadspin’s Half-Assed Soccer Blogging

With the World Cup approaching, there has been a noticeable uptick in the quantity of soccer-related posts on Deadspin. However, the vast majority of them clearly were lackluster in effort. Every day until the World Cup (and maybe even through it) we’ll break down the previous day’s most half-assed post. If you’re still not clear, check out the first post here.

Join us after the jump for the eighth post in the series.

Post: David Hirshey Is Your World Cup Historian, Not Your World Cup Closer

Total Words: 2434

Original or Repurposed: Original.

Total Estimated Time: Dunno. Depends if Will Leitch made his new bride transcribe the interview on their honeymoon or not.

Comments: This isn’t half-assed. This took effort. It’s almost 2500 words. And sure it’s a straight interview but it’s got expertise and knowledge and jokes and, hell, it even mentions us. Kind of takes the fun out of this. We should have picked the “some dude danced with a drunken wannabe actress” story (also known as “Thursday-Saturday nights” in L.A.).

Half-Assedness (on a 10 scale): 1. Zero is really only a theoretical.

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  1. Keith

    Will! Hirsh! COME BACK!!!!!

  2. James T

    Hirshey will be back soon enough.

  3. jjf3

    Seriously, is it ANY SURPRISE AT ALL that the first entry in this series that actually involved “effort” was by Will? That’s all, folks!

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