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June 8, 2010

Fulham Sign Sometimes Shambolic Defender

What if I could get you a defender who played at both Arsenal and AC Milan? Does that sound like something you might be interested in?

Apparently Fulham are (or is that ‘Fulham is’?). According to FourFourTwo, they signed Philippe Senderos to a three-year deal. Sure he was at Arsenal and Milan, but the past-tensed-ness of that phrase contains the idea that neither club wanted him any more either. Good luck with the Cottagers, Phil.

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  1. James T

    Does that mean that Brede Hangeland is leaving?

  2. Precious Roy

    Might be in preparation for that probability.

  3. ian

    To Arsenal? How ironic

  4. corky

    Well, that sucks. If Hodgson was there, maybe he flog him on for 10 million like Smalling (who sucks). Unfortunately, everyone already knows Senderos sucks. Did he even play for Everton when he was on loan?

    With Hodgson likely leaving, it’ll be back to mid-table mediocrity for us!

  5. Precious Roy

    Mid-table? They’re already mid-table. Remember how close they were to dropping under Sanchez (until Hodgson came in and almost miraculously saved them).

  6. Lennon's Eyebrow

    I can’t imagine a world where Fulham is mediocre

    Senderos makes Lily Allen cry.

  7. corky

    Well, let’s be honest, 7th and Europa League was like winning the league considering the riches of the Big 4 plus Citeh and Spurs.

    When I say mid-table mediocrity, I feel like that’s more Bolton level.

  8. Keith

    @ LE: Then we all just smiiile

    @ corky: Fulham didn’t finish 7th; LOLverpool did.

  9. James T

    Guys, they finished 13th or so this year! That’s mediocre!

  10. corky

    True, JT, but a Europa League final isn’t mediocre.

    The league finish was meaningless for Fulham this year. It’ll be interesting next year without the Europa League where we end up. Anything in the top half would be great.

  11. James T

    True, but they bet their whole season on that European run and in the end, ’twas all for nought as they lost.

  12. corky

    I know, I know. At least let me revel in a Cup run!

    Man, you’re already taken the fun out of this for me. Signing Senderos does not make me happy.

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