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June 9, 2010

Jozy and Gooch are Good to Go

The man with the plan

U.S. striker Jozy Altidore practiced yesterday on his sprained right ankle and today didn’t have any pain, so coach Bob Bradley said he’s ready for the England match on Saturday. As for center back Oguchi Onyewu, Bradley said he’s fine and available for the whole 90 vs. In-ger-land.

Overall, Coach Frownface thinks his team is ready and fit for the tournament.

“The overall fitness is, I think, quite good. Some of the players that were a little behind, I think the work continues to move them in the right direction,” Bradley said. “The fitness program that we put our players through to prepare for the World Cup I think has every player in our 23 ready to play 90 minutes if asked.”

Well, with that out of the way, U! S! A!,  U! S! A!,  U! S! A!,  U! S! A!

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  1. Tiddiesnbeer

    Now to give our fearless leader a crash course in tactics. all is good, all is good, all is good….

  2. Playing 23 guys vs. England is an interesting tactic. Should guarantee a win.

  3. Anonsters

    @Dennis: Don’t be too sure. This is Huh Bob Bradley we’re talking about.

  4. Anonsters

    (Seriously, it looks like he is, or should begin at any moment, drooling in that picture.)

  5. Landon Donovan just scored vs. Mexico. Just a side question, how the hell did Mexico lose that game, they played so much better than the U.S. did.

  6. James T

    I’m flabbergasted by his comments. How unexpected and out of the blue!

    “My team is ready. Anyone in my squad is able to play soccer.”

  7. Anonsters

    BTW, it cracks me up that there are more posts tagged
    “Bob Bradley still stucks” than there are tagged “Bob Bradley still sucks.”

  8. Keith

    Coach Frownface. Tracksuit Bob. Huh Bob Bradley. The Everlasting Gaze.

    So many inspiring nicknames

  9. Ryan

    Sweatpants is another excellent BB nickname.
    Also, 1-0 US over Portugal in the 4th minute!

  10. @Ryan: Where are you finding the U.S. score? Huh? is this a scrimmage?

  11. Ryan

    @TSE Classic World Cup on ESPN Classic. Replay of the ’02 game.

  12. James T

    Hey, TSE. Please get a real picture already!

  13. Look, some of us have jobs, despite you furriners taking them all, JT.

    I’m clear on the concept now. and I’m out!

  14. Tno

    Agoos own goal!!! NOOO

  15. Trevor

    I’d feel more comfortable if Bornstein had broken his legs in the last practice…knowing Bob considers him able to play 90 minutes scares the hell out of me.

  16. LFC Ray 20

    Ready to root for Everton alum’s Donovan and Howard…..against Liverpool Cap Gerrard – WEIRD!

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