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June 14, 2010

Al Fayed To Make Hodgson Offer He Can’t Refuse

Happy Old Men

Whoa, there’s soccer news that doesn’t involve the World Cup? I know, I know. It’s just unacceptable.

It’d be a good moment for the Glazers to say that they are actually $100bn in debt and that they killed Jimmy Hoffa, started the fire and caused the oil spill as no-one would notice.

Instead, we settle for something from Fulham owner Mohamed Al Fayed.

He’s been hearing for over a week now that LFC are targeting Cottagers’ manager Roy Hodgson to fill their coaching vacancy, and he’s finally responded: if Hodgson stays, he’ll be well taken care of.

Said Al Fayed: “I don’t think he’ll leave me. I’m sure he’ll have lots of approaches from other clubs, but I give him anything he wants to reach results and we have a very good relationship.”

Whatever Al Fayed does indeed have to offer — 40 women, beachfront property, stock options, a really good steak — it will be difficult to match whatever Liverpool can offer beyond the ledger. Yes, they’re in the s**t right now, but they can, and will, rebound. The money will flow once again under a new owner, and their spending power will always dwarf that of the modest London club.

Then again, I can’t help but wonder if Hodgson is in some way holding out for the England job somewhere down the line. Definitely one to watch despite all the super-awesome-sweet World Cup action currently in progress.

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James T


  1. Anonsters

    Yes, they’re in the s**t right now, but they can, and will, rebound.


  2. James T

    I prefer “truthy”.

  3. Army of Dad

    The hell with the England job, I want him to run the USMNT!

    Yes, I am a Fulham supporter and I fear what Roy leaving would do to us. But for me, Country > Club.

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