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July 1, 2010

Cesc sees Barcelona in Spain

Cesc better get used to being on the sidelines in Barca

Its a well known fact that there are a few Arsenal fans around here, and as such we have been more than a little unhappy with the whole Cesc Fabergas to Barcelona transfer saga this summer. Our most common complaint has been that he would find himself buried on the bench behind Xavi and Iniesta for at least a few years. Why move from stardom at Arsenal to benchwarmerdom for Mes de un Club? It can’t just be for the tapas…

Cesc may be getting the message, because he is currently facing the same situation in the Spain midfield as he would for Barcelona. Sitting on the bench and watching Xavi, Iniesta, and even Busquets (who has been secretly terrible with his distribution from deep in the midfield) get playing time ahead of him. As such, he told Sky Sports yesterday that  “I haven’t said that I will definitely leave Arsenal.” It could be BS, but it is also possible that he’s having something of a change of heart. “Everything is possible. Now I have my head and my focus on the World Cup,” he continued. “I am very proud to be captain of Arsenal and I love the club and have respect for them. It gave me such pride to be made captain.”

Maybe we are looking at this through Gooner tinted glasses, but would a couple of more years in London really be so bad? He could then move right into a starting role in the Barca midfield once Iniesta and Xavi lose a step or two.

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  1. James T

    I’d be inclined to agree, much as it pains me. He’s not ready to lead Spain yet, as evidenced by the Honduras game where he replaced Xavi with 30 mins to go and the entire balance to the team took a noticeable drop. Granted, they were up 2-0, but Fabregas didn’t show any real urgency to keep the pressure on. Therefore, he ain’t ready to lead Barca either, as the same problem will play out there.

  2. ian

    I actually think that he might work alongside Xabi Alonso as a deeper lying midfielder if they drop Busquets, who as mentioned has been the weakest link in the tikka tikka passing game.

  3. James T

    Like every top team, they need an enforcer. Someone to do the dirty work. That’s Busquets. Lose him in favor of yet another softer, pass-first midfielder and the whole team falls to s**t. Sergio Biscuits is just following Marcos Senna’s legacy. Essential.

  4. Wacman

    Cesc really likes getting forward, so I don’t think he’ll want to play as a deeper MF anyway.

  5. spectator

    Barca would find room for him (likely move Iniesta up to more of a winger position, sit Cesc next to Xavi, Busquets as the defensive mid). Plus, Barca plays so many matches against s**t Spanish teams that they’ll just rotate the players.

    The more pressing issue is that Barca are being so damned cheap and thought they could get him for only 30m. Barca acted as though once Cesc came out publicly and wanted to move, then Arsenal would be forced to sell. So arrogant.

    Right now I can see Cesc staying at Arsenal one more season…. Not ideal (see Henry and Vieira) but at least they have a chance to win some trophies.

  6. Wacman

    I don’t see us letting him go for less than 50m. Honestly, I would go as high as 70m, but I’m not the coach unfortunately

  7. Anonsters

    Everything everyone above said is nice and all, but I have to say, it does require Gooner-tinted glasses to read Cesc’s comments as him rethinking wanting to go to Barca. It matches everything he’s ever said up to this point, as well. That pole wedged securely up Cesc’s ass is from the fence he’s been riding for about a year now.

  8. Lennon's Eyebrow

    @spec: Arsenal? Win trophies? Hahahahahahha. And Spurs are going to win the champions league. Hahahhahahahaha.
    /arsenal is stupid

  9. Wedel

    Gooners: Help me understand. My take on Fabregas is that of a good player, not great, certainly not spectacular-answer-to-all-Emirates-prayers. He can play nice passes and is skilled, but rarely, in what I have seen, has he taken over a match and stamped his authority on it. However, I don’t watch a lot of Arsenal, so you’re better able to advise on that. (The “audition” for Barca in Big Cup last year stands out in its rarity for me.)
    Is he really captain material or was he the next best thing after Gallas’ implosion?
    Would you really be disappointed if he left? Couldn’t Wenger use the funds to buy someone with a little steel to shore up your middle? Is it more the distaste with how he is handling it than that he would actually leave?
    Not looking to give anyone stick – would really like to know if you guys really rate him or is he just the best place-filler during Wenger’s re-building? (without making comment on Wenger’s plans/timeframe – just sticking with Cesc)

  10. Anonsters

    but would a couple of more years in London really be so bad?

    Also, I imagine that being asked with a mildly pouty look on one’s face and tears in one’s eyes.

  11. Anonsters

    ^ Maybe even throw in a quiet whimper.

  12. Wacman

    @Wendel, The best example of Cesc’s impact on the team was the game against Villa. He was out til the 60th, we hadn’t created much all game. He came in, created chances, scored on a FK, then did in his hamstring scoring another goal. He totally beasted that game. There’s also a case for him rallying the troops up after Ramsey’s leg break and getting the proper result against Stoke, something that didn’t happen against Birmingham a few years ago.

    Though there are games he isn’t the best player on the pitch, he’s definitely a very important part of the team and we’re definitely not better with a lump sum of money in exchange, regardless of what we spend it on. I think many a fan would become disillusioned if we sell yet another talisman, and are forced to rebuild more.

  13. ian

    I disagree slightly with Wacman in that I think a club like Arsenal that doesn’t have a billionaire backer (yet) will always have to sell if the price is right. That said, I think Cesc is going to be next Xavi/Iniesta, and is worth a hell of lot more than the bulls**t that Barca has offered so far.

  14. Wedel

    @Wac: appreciate that, thanks. In games I’ve seen, I’ve noticed him attempting to grab the game by the scruff but shooting when he shouldn’t and trying to pass the ball into the net when shooting is the better option – seemingly making the exact opposite decision each time down. (Unfortunately, I can’t recall specific games so my observations are less than helpful for a dialogue.)
    Didn’t know if that was down to immaturity or simply a lack of what it takes on his part. Your point about further talismanic selling is a good one – I just wasn’t sure that he was actually held in such high regard.

  15. Wedel

    @ian: so you’re more in “he’s got what takes, but is just young” camp?
    Whether or not Arsenal is a selling club, my question was more “do you really want him to stay” or was the “Cesc is great” talk just posturing?

  16. ian

    Wedel: I’m of the opinion that eventually he will be one of the top five or ten midfielders in the world, if he isn’t already. I really do want him to stay, and I really do think he’s great. I’m also a realist and expect that one day he will return to Barca. Hopefully not this year though.

  17. Wacman

    I forgot about the goal against Spurs where he scored before the replay was over with….

  18. bergkampesdios

    Wedel – from the 2006 CL quarterfinal tackle on Patrick until now, Cesc has been a massive influnce on the club with innumerable instances of where he took control of a game.
    Don’t forget, he’s only 23. He is without a doubt a great player. There are only a couple of players 23 or younger I would take ahead of him right now.
    There’s a lot of rationalizing going on around his departure, but make no mistake – it would be a huge blow to the club.

  19. Wedel

    Interesting, thanks guys. I was actually thinking one of you was going to say good riddance. I’ll try and watch some more this year and see if I can (overcome my bias and) agree.

  20. Keith

    God, Wac, don’t remind me of that 20-minute destruction Cesc laid on my Villans, effectively killing for real any top-4 dreams we had.

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