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July 2, 2010

Thursday Backpasses: ‘Allo, luvvies

‘Cakes with Regis. Awkward fun [World Cup Blog]
Almost one-third of Americans have watched a statistically significant amount of the World Cup [Nielsen Watch]
Go be interactive and rank 25 of the remaining players [ESPN]
Oh, how I would love it if Thomas Müller used this as motivation Saturday morning [Dirty Tackle]
Is Liverpool’s hire of Hodgson a sign of giving up? [Three Match Ban]
You may have noticed a lot of foreigners getting dropped by MLS this week. Here’s why [Goal]

We’ve seen something like this before, but it’s always fun to do again. EPL managers (plus Capello) when they were younger [Betfair Football]

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  1. Anonsters

    Only 495 minutes until Ned+Bra!

  2. Anonsters

    Only 215 minutes until Krispy Kreme opens!

  3. generalgametime

    I just finished watching The English Patient with my gf and the entire time I had one thought: Bob Bradley looks just like the burn victim in that movie. It was quite distracting.

  4. dan

    I don’t know what was more depressing, the Liverpool article or the fact that the first commentor on there still has hope.

  5. Anonsters


  6. Andrew

    Young Wenger looks an awful lot like David St. Hubbins.

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