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July 8, 2010

Italian Fan Shows Great Commitment To Cause, Cassano

Who? Me?

You have to applaud the determination of this Italian fan who interrupted yesterday’s Germany-Spain World Cup semifinal match, the determination to stick it to the Italian National Team manager Marcelo Lippi and his squad selection.

Mario Ferri invaded the pitch yesterday to tell Marcelo Lippi, who wasn’t at the match, that he should of selected notorious Italian badboy Antonio Cassano for the World Cup.

The message emblazoned on the Superman shirt Ferri wore was “Peace to the World” and “Cassano in the national team.” It also said “Lippi te L’ Avevo Detto”, roughly, “Lippi, I told you so.”

Blow Me, Lippi!

Ferri was also quite devious as he flew to South Africa with a wheelchair to afford him greater access to the field. Thanks to his premeditation and the fast-track South Africa World Cup courts, Ferri now faces an 8,000 Rand (about $1,050) fine or three months in prison. That’s a choice even Lippi could get right.

It wasn’t his first time doing this either.

Last November Ferri did the same stunt in a friendly match between Italy and the Netherlands. Clearly it didn’t take since Cassano wasn’t included. However, wouldn’t it have provided better symmetry if Ferri had done it in the Netherlands-Uruguay match?

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  1. Army of Dad

    Damn the new layout…didn’t see the quick throw.
    Comment FAIL!

  2. ian

    Just so the South African police know I have a good alibi for my whereabouts yesterday.

  3. Goat

    He should have done it in his tighty whiteys.

  4. Anonsters

    Or in the noddy.

  5. Wow! The wheelchair part is pretty crazy. Well thought out. Our own field invaders could certainly learn from that.

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