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July 19, 2010

Spurs First EPL Club to Ban Vuvuzelas

Tottenham management has announced it will ban vuvuzelas at White Hart Lane. Spurs are the first Premier League team to make this official policy. We doubt they will be the last.

The decision was made public on the club’s web site, as the league has made clear it will not impose any blanket restriction. A number of lower division sides have already enacted their own embargoes.

We could pretty much all see this coming, given the breast-beating the plastic horns caused at the beginning of the World Cup (halfway through they’d achieve a pop culture icon status, see: my iVuvuzela app).

In a statement released on the club’s official site, THFC said the decision had been made in hopes of preserving traditional match day sounds; because of safety concerns– namely that the vuvuzelas could drown out a PA announcer; and the inability to make a deal with “local licensing authorities,” which I’d take to mean that the surrounding neighborhood made it clear they didn’t want to spend 2-3 hours of every home Saturday hearing THIS!

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  1. Apparently Blackpool has asked fans to bring vuvuzelas. Glad they’ll only be sticking around for one season.

  2. Anonsters

    Am I the only one who thinks all the people in the internet are f**king nuts who think that what Spurs really need, that top-class striker, is Klaas-Jan Huntelaar? Dear People in the Intarwebz: No more crack for you.

  3. I think he’s just one of the only options we can reasonably get. The names we’ve been linked with are Suarez, Huntelaar, Forlan, Fabiano, and Dzeko. Fabiano and Forlan probably aren’t going anywhere. Dzeko’s probably going somewhere better. That leaves Suarez and Huntelaar. Both of them were lights out in the Eredivisie. They could both turn out to be either Ruud or Afonso Alves. KJH, despite barely playing, has 8 in 20 at Madrid and 7 in 21 at Milan. Not bad since most of those appearances were probably as a sub and he never put together a good run. He could still come good. But yes, he could also be f**king terrible.
    If not Huntelaar, who would you like to see come in?

  4. Anonsters

    I would prefer Suarez, of the two. Either way, the choices aren’t exactly inspiring.

  5. Anonsters

    But at least we’re getting another GK!

  6. Maybe we’re doing a super secret deal for Ibra.

  7. I like Pletikosa. Can never have too many Croatians. But I can’t see him being happy on the bench for long. If this means Gomes is leaving in a year or so I will absolutely cry.

  8. Anonsters

    Right. The article I read talked about him giving Gomes stiff competition for the #1. I was like, um, what.

  9. It’s especially surprising now that Cudicini seems healthy, even if he’s old. But I know we’ve been looking at Pletikosa for ages though. In Harry We Trust, I guess..

  10. Tno

    Ibra will lose his job to Villa, Ibra to WHL in the winter window.

  11. James T

    That’s insane.

  12. Tno


  13. Anonsters

    Um, various sites are saying Pavs is on his way to Sporting Lisbon on loan. WTF? Loaning out your strikers is not a good way to bolster your strike force. And now we’re being linked to Nice’s Remy Loic. I don’t know if I can take four more weeks of this silliness.

  14. psst. It’s Loic Remy.

  15. @anon: We keep being linked with some Sporting Lisbon guy called Yannick Djalo. Maybe it’s like a reverse Berbatov/Frazier Campbell situation.

  16. Outside Mid

    Really hope we go for Suarez rather than KJH, do hope Pav stays for a bit of cover as he turned it on toward the end of last season and w/him out, that’s more Crouch than needed. Also, hate to say it but I’m hoping Keane moves on and we replace him with another Croat. You can never have too many, t’riffic lads they are.

  17. Anonsters

    @OM: Didn’t know you were a Spurs fan. We’re comin’ out of the woodwork up in here!

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