Unprofessional Foul


July 27, 2010

Stand up if you’ve had this conversation before

Wilshere: like Jesus, but with a football

With the World Cup a fortnight gone and EPL 2010-11 kickoff still about three weeks away, we stand, waiting, at the nadir of the European soccer calendar. With nothing but absurd transfer rumors to fill the days here at UF, the conversation has turned a bit stale.

For example, Autoglass and Ned’s daily debate: Is the MLS more like the Colaship or League One. That was (is, will always and forever be) good for 175 emails over 24 hours. But even that ol’ classic pales, in terms of fetid ubiquity, with the exchange you’ll find and surely recognize below.

In the role of the Gooner, Bear(?) On The Left. Playing the Spurs fan, but really standing in for all the rest of tortured humanity: Bear(?) On The Right.

Without further ado… a conversation with the average Gooner.

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