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August 5, 2010

Mario Balotelli Is An Idiot

Having almost secured a transfer to Manchester City, Mario Balotelli appears to have sabotaged himself yet again.

This time, it’s wage demands instead of fights about playing time that we’re not quite sure he’s worth yet. A £25m transfer fee was agreed, but City are balking at his salary request of… wait for it… £180,000 a week!

I just don’t get it. Balotelli’s already acquired somewhat of a difficult reputation after his antics with Mourinho over playing time, his on-field petulance in the wake of Inter’s incredible Champions League win over Barcelona, and that whole incident with the Milan shirt on a TV show.

I even gave it a name, so debilitating was his maladie: Riera’s Disease.

City would have provided the opportunity for a fresh start, but maybe he just doesn’t get that a 19-year-old with just 28 goals in 86 games in his entire career isn’t perhaps worth that much right off the bat. I get it: he believes his own hype—and why shouldn’t he?—but the problem is that he thinks everyone else believes it too.

Might this scupper his move to Eastlands, or will Citeh just keep printing money? Seems like the last thing they need is another expensive, entitled figure on the squad. Just imagine the first fight when Mario realizes he’s riding the bench.

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