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August 10, 2010

The Guardian Doesn’t Like Maths

It's Numbers and Stuff

There is a slideshow over at the Guardian where they run through 10 candidates to replace Martin O’Neill at Aston Villa and they assign some odds to each person.

And if our math is correct, the Guardian is saying there is a 116% chance that someone will replace MON.

If we may… We like those odds.

Anyway, you can check our math below. If we screwed up, we’ll recant.

Bob Bradley @ 3 to 1 – .25
Sven-Goran Eriksson @ 11 to 2 – .154
Jurgen Klinsmann @ 7 to 1- .125
Dr. Teeth @ 7 to 1 – .125
Alan Curbishley @ 15 to 2 – .118
Martin Jol @ 7 to 1 – .125
Slaven Bilic  @ 8 to 1 – .111
David Platt @ 16 to 1 – .059
Sean O’Driscoll @ 20 to 1  – .0476
Gianfranco Zola @ 20 to 1 – .0476

We add that up and get 1.162… So according to the folks on the other side of the pond, it’s a metaphysical certainty that one of those guys will replace MON with 16 percent metaphysicality to spare.

Actually the Guardian are just being proper bookies in tilting the odds to their favor. When the odds are converted to probabilities, they usually add up to more than one so the book has the edge and the house can make money.

But journalists aren’t bookies. So we’ll have a slight chuckle at the Guardian’s expense and we’ll continue to wonder how Jol is 7 to 1 when he couldn’t get out of his Ajax contract like 10 days ago to move to Fulham.

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  1. Andrew

    I remember reading an article last year where the author was predicting the finish in the AL Central and the chances of the Twins, White Sox, and Tigers winning the division added up to 115%.

  2. Anonsters

    Who does? One math is bad enough. Maths are frankly intolerable.

  3. phil

    Ummm…it was my understanding there would be no math.

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