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August 10, 2010

Six Ivorians Missing Match Because Their Federation Doesn’t Like Paperwork

In a match against Italy that’s approaching halftime as we type, the Ivory Coast is without six players from the named 26-man squad because their federation failed to get the proper visas.

Constant Djakpa, Didier Ya Konan, Arthur Boka, Aruna Dindane, Bakari Kone, and Koffi Romaric N’Dri are all on the short end of the snafu’d stick. In fact, according to his club Hannover, this is the second time this year that Ya Konan has missed out on a national team cap because of improper or missing documents.

Said the sporting director, “Because of the new mistake by the Ivorian federation, Constant and Didier have not only missed a day of training-it certainly isn’t particularly good for their motivation.”

You’d think that people working at bureaucracies would be better at paperwork.

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