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August 11, 2010

Well There’s a Reason They’re Not Good

As we QT’ed earlier, the Euro 2012 qualifiers began today with the Faroe Islands visiting Estonia. The two teams are ranked 118 and 94 respectively by FIFA. So a 2-1 win for Estonia mightn’t seem totally crushing to the visitors… until you see how it happened.

The Islanders were looking to make a 28th minute goal stand up. And they made it 90 minutes. But they couldn’t make it through stoppage time without giving up both the leveler and the loser. The latter was particularly painful as it looked like the Faroe Islands had cleared a set piece.

But the hosts played a long ball into the box and after a missed header there was a scrum near the six. Can’t even tell if the Estonian got a foot to it, but it ended up in the back of the net nonetheless.

Ugh… Feel for the Faroe Islands. Not like the Estonians are world beaters, but something about losing that way has to hurt, especially when wins are hard to come by.

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  1. Wedel

    For some reason, I really like the Faroes. Can you really like a team without knowing anyone on it? Well, maybe it’s more the concept of the Faroes. There’s something about semi-professionals playing for their country. It’s kind of like the Home Depot employee/US Luge team member type thing.
    Anyway, here’s hoping a nice fog rolls in for the home leg, but the game doesn’t get called and the Estonians can’t see, falling 3-1 to the mighty Islanders.

  2. Orr

    Ugh, that’s brutal, I tend to root for the smaller teams a lot, it’s not nice to see them turning on each other.

  3. Outside Mid

    Also, apparently Lindpere was not in Tallin tonight as he has scored a goal for RBNY v Toronto. Tricky UEFA…

  4. Ryan

    I remember when the Euro 2008 video game came out, I Captained the Faroes to the Finals. Had to bump the down the difficulty a level or two to do so, but I did it.

  5. Shane

    Dunno if anyone else has noticed, but the Faroe Islands wikipedia page is currently listing a Mr. A. Thief as the official for this match. Oh those clever Faroese(?)!

  6. James T

    Poor Faroes. I’ve loved them ever since Jens Michael Knudsen (who I twitter’d about frantically earlier today)
    (And yes, he wore that bobble hat in every single game)

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