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August 13, 2010

UF’s Complete 2010-2011 EPL Previews

Thirty Eight Games for That

Here they are, all 20 team previews for the 2010-2011 EPL Season (suck it, Barclays) presented in one handy linkified location. Check back often to see how horribly wrong we were as the season progresses. Alternatively, you can click here to see the same list with some pretty pictures affixed to each team name.

Arsenal: Yep, they’re already starting the season atop the physioroom table.

Aston Villa You didn’t want crummy old Martin O’Neill anyway.

Birmingham City: Midtable in your hearts and in the, er, table.

Blackburn Rovers: They foul a lot.

Blackpool: None more black. Except they are orange. And they are here for exactly one season.

SF Bolton: Even their fans can hardly be bothered to watch them.

Chelsea: Be champions.

Everton : Moyes boys likely to do just enough to not threaten the top six.

Fulham: Well, last year was fun. Fortunately Fulham fans are used to not winning things so they can go right back to expecting not to win anything again.

Liverpool: The good news? They can’t possibly finish as low as seventh again. The bad? The teams immediately above them looked to have gotten better.

Manchester City: At the rate they are learning to spend money, they might actually threaten for the title by 2013.

Manchester United: Hoping that Chicharito can make up for the likely drop in production by that Own Goal fellow.

Newcastle United: That fat ugly guy still owns the club doesn’t he?

Stoke City: Anyone else giggle any time they hear the nickname “The Potters”?

Sunderland: Meh.

Tottenham Hotspur: They’ll be lucky to finish sixth.

West Brom: I actually had to look up that Di Matteo was their manager.

West Ham United: Quick, throw Avram to West Ham!

Wigan Athletic: If only Martinez was as good at managing as he was at being a studio analyst.

Wolverhampton Wanderers: How come nobody ever calls them the Wanderers?

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