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August 19, 2010

I Have No Clue How Italian Transfers Work

Had to show it again. Sorrrryyyyy

Yesterday saw Kevin-Prince Boateng belong to three different teams in 24 hours, made notable from the fact that one Serie A team signed him only to immediately loan him to another.

Perhaps it’s a money-laundering trick held over from the old skulduggery days of Italian soccer, or maybe it’s just quality business. I’m not the man to parse it out.

Boateng moved from Portsmouth to Genoa initially for an undisclosed fee (thought to be around £5m), and was then shipped to Milan on a year-long deal with a buy-out option for a permanent transfer. And so, Genoa could end up making a decent profit on KPB without him ever having played for their team, which is bizarre enough, or they’ll get him to begin the 2011-12 season should he perform poorly for the Rossonieri this coming year.

For Milan, it seems like the ultimate hedge, and honestly, there are worse things a club can do with a wage packet. Let someone else pay the transfer fee and then promise a bigger fee somewhere down the road while still coming away with the player. Could this be a tactic a lot of teams use now that money’s a little tighter? Or is this just some weird Italian thing?

To close out, an interesting soundbite from Genoa owner Enrico Preziosi about the deal: “Our club must have good relations with the big clubs. Boateng will be a Genoa player but will not play with us. We’ll see what club we can find an agreement with.”

Pretty sure that Genoa have as much right to players as any other team in the league, and that you’re allowed to be competitive. Having good relations with the big clubs sounds to me like you want to be in their good graces so as to catch any scraps falling from their dinner table. You don’t owe them anything, Genoa. Enjoy watching KPB having a tidy season in someone else’s shirt, I guess.

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