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September 1, 2010

It Is Funny When the Shoe is on the Other Foot

The Silhouette? It's Really Johan Cruyff

Our suddenly xenophobic neighbors to the south are looking to… wait for it…. wait for it…

They are looking to throw out the foreigners.

Okay, not all of them but the FMF are discussing the possibility of limiting the number of non-Mexicans playing in the Primera División. Said federation President Justino Compean, “We’re working to see how many foreigners are needed per team. We have to think about defending our young Mexicans.”

Oh this is rico (but not suave). Apparently young Mexican players need ‘defending’ in their own league. Jesus, the Mexicans are every bit as pansy-ass as the English. It’s like the institutional symbolic equivalent of a player taking to the ground to gain sympathy from an official.

Why do Mexicans hate foreigners all of the sudden? Because they are good at football—Brazilian Sinha was voted the best player in the last Clausura; and league scoring titles have been won recently by a Chilean, an Argentine and (Gasp!) an American (one with the über-whitey name of Herculez Gomez). Maybe combine that with fact that the Mexicans are no longer the top team in CONCACAF and you have some people looking to solve problems that really don’t even exist.

This is all the more puzzling in that Mexico has Gio Dos Santos, Javier Hernandez, and Carlos Vela all playing in the Premier League. It would seem whatever their youth development is, it’s not being hampered by importing non-Mexicans to play in the country’s top division. Or maybe we’re missing something.

So just to be clear: Mexicans going to other counties to make a better life for themselves? Totally okay*. Americans going to Mexico (and presumably legally) to win the scoring title in their soccer leagues? That’s unacceptable

It’s really the foreign players’ fault. They shouldn’t have been so successful in the borderline-unwatchable Mexican league.

[* We're not trying to turn this into a political discussion. We're just having some fun with the role reversal.]

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  1. Shane

    I thought the Mexican league system was just a feeder setup for the EPL. This is all very shocking news to me! I should probably go home for the rest of the day and recover from this.

  2. ben

    If anything, the influx of South Americans in the Mexican league has led to greater competition, which has resulted in only the best of the best Mexican players making it to the top, where they promptly get snatched up by a European club. I mean, just three months ago they were bragging about how the Tri squad they sent to South Africa was their best ever.

  3. Precious Roy

    @ben: Exactly. Better competition means the better players make the cut. Countries that are trying to ‘protect’ their domestic leagues are only giving opportunity to players that probably weren’t good enough to begin with.

  4. Wedel

    F**k Rafa Marquez in the pants.
    /Involves Mexico; sure he’s responsible in some way.

  5. Outside Mid

    Is there a wave of foreign players outside the Central/South American zone that are flooding the Mexican league? When I heard about Herculez last year co-leading for goals scored, I thought–wait, they have a league?

  6. Anonsters

    What’s worse is, the foreigners in the Mexican league are really just doing the jobs that the Mexicans themselves won’t do.

  7. Outside Mid

    Anon: Rim Shot!

  8. Ryan

    No Jonathan Bornstein, no real noise about this issue. Bornstein signs a deal to transfer in, and OH MY GOSH GET THESE FURRNERS OUTTA HERE.

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