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September 2, 2010

Djibril Cisse Has Car Trouble

At least Djibril still has this gaudy, chromed-out Chrysler 300.

It’s been a rough few weeks for Djibril Cisse, first crashing out of the World Cup in embarrassing fashion and then crashing his car.

The French international is well-known for his wacky fashion sense (particularly involving his hair), but is perhaps best-known for his love of cars. At various times he has had in his garage a Chrysler 300 C, Hummer H2, Plymouth Prowler, Shelby GT 500 (1967 and 2008 versions) and Dodge Ram SRT-10.

Sadly, he will have one fewer car in that garage, as he was involved in an accident yesterday evening while on his way to training with Panathinaikos. The striker, who was on his way to continue rehabbing an injury sustained during a preseason friendly, was unharmed in the accident.

However, his €300,000 ($380,000) Bentley Continental GT sustained significant damage. Cisse was taken to the club’s training ground by a club official and, strangely enough, had the car towed there as well. Panathinaikos officials are sure to be ecstatic that it was only his car that was damaged, as he looked ready to regain the pitch for their Champions League match against Barcelona on September 14th.

The real question, however, is why Cisse was even driving the Bentley at all. Why would you ever drive anything other than this:

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