Unprofessional Foul


September 3, 2010

German Women’s Soccer: Finding New Ways To Get Sent Off

Kudos and thanks to the brave women of the Frauen-Bundesliga, for their quest to find new and interesting ways to get dismissed is an inspiration to us all.

Take Taoba Kemmy of FFC Turbine Potsdam. She really wanted to take a quick throw-in, only to see FFC Frankfurt’s Kerstin Garfrekes blocking her planned throw. Using the common knowledge that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, Kemmy decided to put this into action, throwing the ball directly into Garfrekes’ face.

It earned her an instant red, presumably for violent conduct, though I don’t recall the rulebook considering use of the ball to fit that definition. If you kick or punch or slap, I get that, but using the ball seems devious enough to be considered just a yellow. I mean, this isn’t assault with a deadly weapon we’re talking about, right?

In short, we salute you, Taoba. Your ingenuity is to be admired.

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James T


  1. A lot of German on the site today. As a Frenchman, this makes me nervous.

  2. Outside Mid

    @ NYK: Well, how about this–Malouda likely to get the armband for Les Bleus.

  3. Ryan

    I don’t know if I’d have shown a card at all, if you don’t want to get hit in the face, don’t stand in the way.
    Although on further review, she is standing on the line, so I guess the referee’s argument would be she wasn’t actually intending to make a proper throw.

  4. James T

    Relax, NYK: this is Unprofessional Foul, not Alsace-Lorraine Foul, or Vichy Foul, or Maginot Foul.

  5. Anonsters

    They’re still pissed off about the Treaty of Versailles. Best get runnin’.

  6. Shane

    Violent conduct does cover use of the ball insomuch as if you use it to attempt to injure an opponent. This is what Kevin McBride was sent off for in the Gers/Hibs match, when he fired the ball at Kyle Lafferty.

  7. bergkampesdios

    And Rivaldo. Let us not forget Rivaldo.
    Truth be told, the red lady is standing on the line as well, so at a minimum she should get a yellow for impeding the throw (need to be at least a yard).
    I’ve seen this and done it and got a yellow. Totally worth it. Don’t be a dbag and get the f*ck out of the way.

  8. DSS

    according to the commentary the red card is shown for unsports(wo)manlike conduct.

  9. MountainWAG

    Oh no he didn’t! Did you see the coach come over and shove the blue girl!?!! What did he get? Sure, blue chick was being a twit and the red girl deserved a ball to the face, but a male coach from another team shoving a female player!??! That’s where it crosses MY line. Chick fights = fine. Opposite Gender physiciality = not cool.

  10. MountainWAG

    p.s. it doesn’t even look like Smurfette threw it that hard.

  11. Karfunkel

    Well, this event catched quite some attention in Germany(among women football fans). The name of the thrower is Tabea Kemme. Just for reference. And she will miss 4 games for the Red Card.
    The push from red team’s coach Kahlert results in a 1 game ban from the coaching bench(he was sent to the stands within the game).

  12. James T

    Thanks for the info. It’s hard for me to find much about the story other than the vid and the participants (In English, anyway), so thanks for setting the record straight.
    A four-game ban for that?

  13. Karfunkel

    Yes, 4 games ban sounds harsh, but maybe they don’t anything like that happening again in Germany.

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