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September 7, 2010

TSG Emmerthal Loses By 20 Goals But Still Wins Free Beer

Emmerthal Players Celebrate A 20 Goal Loss

St. Pauli of the 1.Bundesliga had a goalfest over the weekend as the club put 23 goals past Kreisliga (seven divisions below the Bundesliga) opponent TSG Emmerthal during a 23-3 victory in a friendly between the two clubs both celebrating their centennial anniversaries this year.

The result was never in doubt, however that did not mean there was no suspense because TSG Emmerthal’s sponsor promised 100 liters of free beer for every goal Emmerthal scored.

As such, the fans received 300 liters of beer gratis thanks to their club.

Even though their team lost, Emmerthal won.

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  1. Goosie

    How is that POSSIBLE? 23 goals in 90+ mins. That’s about a goal ever 4 minutes…wtf?!

  2. 23? Probably a safety.

  3. Outside Mid

    There is some motivational genius in this–performance driven incentives. Note to English FA: Guarantee media-free entanglements for senior players’ escapades with painted ladies and England should be able to win most matches 4-0.

  4. James T

    Austria’s Ivica Vastic won some beer as a result of scoring his side’s first goal at Euro 2008. Turned out to be their only goal, but he still drank well for a while as a result.

  5. Outside Mid

    @ JT: Then the theory has already been tested! Someone alert Don Fabio ASAP–new program for Euro qualification must include hookers and free beer, with quality vodka thrown in for those discerning types.

  6. ben

    Emmerthal’s sponsor is probably glad they didn’t promise 100 liters for every goal St Pauli scored.

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