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September 8, 2010

Trapped Miners Get To Watch Chile Match


If you haven’t been keeping track of the trapped Chilean miners, it’s a pretty crazy story. Imagine being trapped in a room with 32 other guys more than 2,000 feet underground. That’s even scarier than being a Citeh fan.

But just because you’re trapped in a mine doesn’t mean you care any less about soccer. Hell, we barely survived this past weekend around here, and we’re above ground!

I get cabin fever after about 5 hours, so I can only imagine what these men are going through. Luckily, they got a welcome diversion on Tuesday.

Officials working to free the men from their underground tomb were able to send down a mini projector attached to fiber-optic wire that allowed the miners to watch the international friendly between Chile and Ukraine.

True, the Chileans lost 2-1, but is that really the point?

This is one of those cool moments when it’s again clear that soccer is a unifying force in the world. It makes a guy feel good to know that these brave men, who are facing incredible odds, have soccer to bring them together and to provide them with a respite from their own despair.

The miners look like they will be trapped for at least another month or so at least. After 34 days already. They have taken on tasks in the cave below to keep order and sanity. Let’s hope they get to watch another match before they get out. Hopefully, one in which their team (or teams) win.

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  1. Tno

    Took me a minute, but I agree.

  2. Mountain Wag

    When I was working as a hot firefighter in LA, I came upon a scene similar to the above photo. I’ll stop there. It wasn’t pretty.

  3. Anonsters

    @MW: And by “hot firefighter” you mean “dancer” at bachelor parties, right? :P

  4. Mountain Wag

    @Anon – no, it was the young guy holding up three fingers that was dancing for the old bearded men. A flaming shot when wrong and I was called in to clean up the mess. And what a mess. //

  5. yeah, its cramped in that room allright…. 
    but with about 1.8km of tunnel available from the original 7km,
    they have plenty of room to move around (and they dont have 
    to s**t and piss where they are living risking disease). 
    You are referring to just the living quarter which is about 500ft.
    They moved about 300metres deeper in the mine from the original 
    shelter where they spent the first 3 weeks to another spot 
    because the first one had become too muddy.

    And another month at least you say?
    Try more mid-november which is what Chile’s Mining Minister Laurence Golborne (!) said this week. He’s the guy who is supervising the operation and says that two potential rescue dates are somewhere around mid-November or mid-December depending on which machine of the three drilling machines reaches the miners first. 
    The third option will take quite some time just to set up (they 
    need a football field of space just to set it up.) and there is no date for that one.

    The most amazing part is that they wont sit around playing 
    cards but will have to work shifts 24hrs a day to move 
    3 to 4,000 tons of rocks in stifling heat.
    I just loved the article I read last week that said that 
    someone was worried they might put on weight while waiting
    and wouldnt be able to fit through the hole.
    You try lugging rock at 35C and see how much weight you can gain.

  6. Mountain Wag

    @RM – I hope they’re getting overtime.

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