Unprofessional Foul


September 13, 2010

Starting over doesn’t always mean starting fresh

The Liverpool Scoring Machine

Hi, excuse our mess for the next few hours, if you’re on GMT time and just getting up, or on the west coast and going to sleep. Or generally you’ve been doing meth and red bull for 3 weeks and are anxiously waiting the 1000 words of Liverpudlian angst on the fingers of James T (I know I am).

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Moonshine Mike


  1. James T

    Well, I did the meth/Red Bull part…

  2. the stretford end

    it screams fast on my s**tty phone here in the airport (doesn`t it, autoglass?). well done, MM!

  3. James T

    It’s the fastest fast that ever fasted

  4. Shane

    @JT: Would you say you “zoomed it”?

  5. Outside Mid

    So that’s where my blocks are!

  6. Ryan

    Well, it’s faster now, but I’m back to having to refresh the page each time to see comments.

  7. @Ryan: Same with me. Also, new stuff won’t load on my phone–Sunday’s Bootroom is still at the top of the page even though it has today’s date on it. Don’t know if this is happening to anyone else.

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