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September 22, 2010

Look at Those Boobs

They were out to here, mate!

Wow. Look at that pair. Those are some serious boobs. I mean, I can’t recall the last time I saw bigger boobs.

Get your minds out of the gutter, people – I was talking about Adam Johnson and Micah Richards. A right pair of useless tits, those two are.

To their credit, the Manchester City duo were on hand for a charity auction this past Sunday held at the home of ex-footballer Ashley Ward and his wife Dawn. The Crème de la Crème ball had over 600 guests, all of whom were of the upper-crust variety.

You didn’t really think I would pass up the opportunity, did you?

Over £190,000 ($297,000) was raised for several charities related to illnesses that afflicted the Ward’s daughter Aston. Of that total, £12,000 ($19,000) came from Johnson and Richards, who combined to bid on a dinner date with Katie Price.

The British “personality” (Page 3 girl, model, actress, etc.) increased the bidding by noting that her husband, MMA fighter Alex Reid (who appeared on Celebrity Big Brother in the UK with Vinnie Jones, Lady Sovereign, Heidi Fleiss and Stephen Baldwin), would not be accompanying her on the date.

Given Price’s career as a Page 3 girl (i.e. topless model) – back when she was known as “Jordan” – and Micah Richards’ sexual proclivities for roasting, I think poor Adam Johnson has no idea what he has gotten himself into.

Or maybe he’s just into the kinky stuff.

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  1. Anonsters

    She is going to have serious back problems in a few years.

  2. Keith

    Quoth Dave Chappelle: “That’s the wrong kinda teamwork.”

  3. Andrew

    Huh, I thought she was still married to that Andre guy. Shows how much I know.

  4. James T

    They broke up last year. I wouldn’t feel bad about it!

  5. Andrew

    Once I moved back from Ireland, my access to British tabloid gossip has suffered greatly.

  6. Andrew


    The lack of boobs in the actual newspaper is about the only thing I miss. BTW, that still blows my Midwestern, Protestant-upbringing mind that there are boobs in the actual newspaper over there.

  7. Anonsters

    @Andrew: God bless Europe, eh?

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