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September 23, 2010

All That Glisters Isn’t Always Gold

Not sure why I feel compelled to post this today—oh wait! It’s because we’re having a Slow News Day—but a friendly reminder seemed about right: even the best players get it wrong sometimes.

And we still love them for it, because really, on occasion we need to know that these deities are in fact human.

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  1. Tno

    ahahaha, that is the best intro song in the history of TV/

  2. ben

    That’s funny. Slow news day, indeed.

  3. Shane

    You’d have been just as well to post the video of my brother dropping a “C” on BBCnw. Come on man! Make up some news! Northampton’s physio implicated in blood doping scandal! Beckham’s hooker is actually GOD’S DAUGHTER!!!!

  4. Lafemme_Loca

    not too slow story day… we had:


    Where it states that Titi bought a nice pre-retirement pad and how he sadly only gets paid $5.6 million guaranteed from NYRB (only behind good ol’ Becks). Ahh the sad life of a footballer.

  5. James T

    We blogged that yesterday

  6. Shane

    Goddamnit, I would actually watch an MLS game tonight if there was one, that’s how bored I am.

  7. James T

    I would too!

  8. Shane

    Settling for FM and the OFB pod. Need Saturday.

  9. Shane

    That should be “OTB” I suppose. And there’s one f**king fly in my house who’s apparently relying on the light of my screen for survival.

  10. Tno

    These are to be worn with Concaves.

  11. Anonsters

    Is it the f**king weekend yet? This is the week that will never end.

  12. Anonsters

    I’m watching a replay of Toon v. Chelsea. Phil Dowd really labors around the pitch, doesn’t he?

  13. @tno-do they protect so well because they have a shield on them?

  14. Shane

    @tno: Well now that I see Barnsley wears’em I’m in! I wonder if they were wearing those in 2008 when they beat Liverpool?!

  15. Lafemme_Loca

    Oops… I searched through a lot of the archives but didn’t see it…

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