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September 27, 2010

Chicago Fire Put Up Awesome Tifo Display, Still Lose

Sounders = Koopa Troopa? Fireball = Chicago Fire? Mario = ???

Section 8, the Chicago Fire fan group, had a great tifo display over the weekend showing Mario from Super Mario Brothers shooting a fireball at a Koopa Troopa.

Despite the awesomeness of the tifo, Chicago still lost the match against the Seattle Sounders 0-1 on an 88th minute goal from Blaise Nkufo.

It seems appropriate that a fellow named Blaise scored, doesn’t it?

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  1. Anonsters

    Section 8. I wonder if they get free housing.

  2. @Anon – that literally made me LOL

  3. Shane

    Fire Mario wore a red and white suit. This is not authentic and I am horribly disappointed in it.

  4. culeeero

    Yup. There I am. Hi mom!

  5. Arkie

    the picture looks a lot better than the video.

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