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September 28, 2010

Villa Punch and Vucinic Smash

Here are two highlight videos from this past weekend that were imminently enjoyable.

The first comes courtesy of Barcelona’s David Villa, who received a red card for his punch to the Athletic Bilbao’s Carlos Gurpegi in the 87th minute. Barca was well on its way to a 3-1 victory when Villa lashed out after a bit of exuberant tackling from Gurpegi. Although, I am surprised two goals were scored after the card was issued.

The second is courtesy Roma’s Mirko Vucinic who scored the winning goal for Roma against Inter Milan in the 92nd minute. It was a sublime goal as Vucinic dove like Brek Shea’s redneck uncle into a mudpit to head the ball to the far post and in. Vucinic was understandably overjoyed at scoring and proceeded to do his best Incredible Hulk impersonation as he smashed multiple ad boards behind the goal.

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  1. whizalen

    what’s up with Riise’s head gear?

  2. bergkampesdios

    Why is JA Riise wearing headgear?

  3. bergkampesdios

    ha – stupid page refresh.

    btw – totally reminds me of Mike Myers on SNL. I have a vision of Riise in head gear strapped to a jungle gym trying to run away.

  4. whizalen

    funny enough, I was picturing Riise as the girl from Southpark, “stop staring at my head gear!”

  5. Anonsters

    @OM: I question the writer’s judgment:

    Some, like Ronaldo, Romário, Ronaldinho and Kaká, grow into fine peacocks.

  6. Tno

    I feel retarded for not knowing who Coutinho is.

  7. Outside Mid

    @ Anon: I know. I think he got that from looking @ a photo of Neymar with his hairstyle.
    @ TNO: I get them all confused between Brazil & Portugal. Too many ‘ho’s/HA HA!

  8. Wacman

    Greatest celebration ever from Vucinic…


  9. Shane

    Yeah! IN THE FACE!

  10. Shane

    I love how the camera man in the replay of the Villa sending off anticipates the dive to the turf by the player on the receiving end. Beautiful game, indeed.

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