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October 3, 2010

Sunday Bootroom: Magic Pixie Edition

The only kind of Magic Pixie I root for.

So here it is. Chelsea and Arsenal. Yay, I guess. Once again, the meteor isn’t going to come through. I can just feel it.

So after Saturday, there are only two of 20 EPL teams that are undefeated. Can you guess who they are? That’s right, Fulham and Manchester United. On the other hand, United now have more draws (four) than victories (three). And in the grand scheme of things, the best outcome here for United is a draw.

But who cares about United other than really smart people like White Speed Receiver, Wedel and me? Let’s talk about today’s games and Arsene Wenger’s whining.

If you believe, he might score a goal!

Wenger says it’s time for Le Arse to put up or shut up. They’ll be without Cesc Fabergas, but what else is new? It will be interesting to see what kind of success Magic Pixie and Chamakh have in their first match against John Terry and Co.

Frankly, the worst part about the Chelsea-Arsenal match is the concept that I’ll either have to listen to Autoglass crow all week or listen to the UF Gooners talk about how they’re going to win it all if the refs and the injuries don’t derail them.

Sure, there are other matches today, including the battle of the Pools. I have a sneaking suspicion that Blackpool will take points from Liverpool, but maybe that’s just because I’m cruel.

As TB previewed so well, there is some Serie A action and Real Madrid is among the La Liga teams playing today. Finally, there’s the Chivas USA-L.A. Galaxy match (I refuse to call it any kind of “clasico”) but I will NOT be there to liveblog it. Why? Because.

On another note, one final thing: Last night’s SNL with Bryan Cranston was crap. The only decent sketch was the “What Up With That?” bit, and that’s only because Morgan Freeman used to be Easy Reader and Ernest Borgnine is Mermaid-Man. And Jason Sudeikis went to Kansas and does a mean Running Man.

Here’s the schedule with TV stuff. Comment safely!

6:30am Lecce vs Catania, FSP, Italy Serie A
8:30am Manchester City vs Newcastle United, FSP, England
9:00am Napoli vs AS Roma, FSC and ESPN3.com, Italy Serie A
11:00am Chelsea vs Arsenal, FSC, England
11:00am Sevilla vs Atlético Madrid, ESPN3.com, Spain La Liga
12:55pm Dortmund vs Bayern Munich, ESPN3.com, Germany
1:00pm Barcelona vs Mallorca, GolTV, Spain
1:00pm Pumas UNAM vs Morelia, TELEM, Mexico
1:00pm Puebla vs Querétaro, FSE, Mexico
2:45pm Inter Milan vs Juventus, FSC and ESPN3.com, Italy Serie A
3:00pm Real Madrid vs Deportivo La Coruña, ESPN2, Spain
5:00pm Blackpool vs Liverpool, FSC, England
7:00pm Chivas USA vs Los Angeles Galaxy, ESPN2, MLS

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