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October 7, 2010

Agent Not Rushin’ To Disclaim Russian Racism

Russian agent thinks this is acceptable and should not be punished.

There is not a lot to be said about this Q and A from Russian agent Vladimir Abramov found and presumably translated by the fine folk at The Cynical Challenge. Here is the original source material in Russian and the google translate version for your comparative purposes. It seems to be relatively similar but I cannot speak to the accuracy otherwise.

Suffice to say, Abramov has a lot to say about a lot of different things including African footballers and Africans in general. Oh, and Koreans. Although, he was far more complimentary of Koreans than Africans.

[Ed. Note: Just in case you did not know, the image is a banner from Locomotiv Moscow fans thanking West Bromwich Albion for taking Peter Odemwingie off of the club’s hands. Odemwingie is, and I just learned this, a Russian-Nigerian, born to a Nigerian father and Russian mother in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.]

I’ll leave it at that and allow you all to just soak it in.

The below is cut and pasted from The Cynical Challenge post. The only change is “***” to reflect that there were other questions and answers between the quoted material in the source material.

Q: Is what happened with the career of Peter Odemwingie a shame for Russian football? He earned a lot of money here over three years but played badly. As soon a he leaves for England he pulled himself together and became Premier League player of the month.

Abramov: Peter is a very professional and responsible guy. Everything was easy with Peter. In contrast to other Nigerians. They are very insolent, headstrong, black nationalism is evident in them. When there are more than three Nigerians watch out: they aren’t afraid of anyone. Korea has also shed tears over them. In Korea there were never drug dealers, nothing like that. They started to invite athletes, Nigerian agents appeared, drugs appeared in the city centre streets and at the end of it all – AIDS.

…Peter Odemwingie is a very well educated and englightened guy, he speaks three languages, including Russian like you and I. Ask him a question – he answers. The guy speaks openly about what’s happening in our country and we don’t like it. The guy says: in Russia they don’t like black people. It’s clear we really don’t like black people! No, we say we are white and fluffy. But we are not! Besides, one coach brought him [Odemwingie] and then others came – they changed the coach three times. By the way, what position did he play under Yury Pavlovich [Semin - Lokomotiv Moscow coach]?

On the wing.

Hmmm. And in England where does he play? Centre-forward.


You’ve said that many footballers prefer not to have anything to do with dark-skinned players. Is that because they discredit themselves?

No, wrong. Black people sometimes behave in a more orderly fashion than whites. The thing is that from my point of view, the Russian people are not happy to see a black-skinned footballer doing his national dance after scoring a goal, and so they abuse him with all sorts of unpleasant words. And Odemwingie says: they draw a banana that hurts our feelings. Does it happen? It happens. Our authorities say: we must punish the clubs. Wrong. Punish for what? Let’s punish our people for drinking and smoking. Let’s put people everywhere with sticks who, when they see a guy with a cigarette, they smack him on the head. What, is he going to stop smoking? Dark-skinned people – they’re good, normal people, but we aren’t ready for that yet. If our authorities see that our people are ready to accept black footballers like they do in Europe, I will be more cautious about this issue. But you shouldn’t bring into your team more than one dark-skinned footballer. When there’s more of them they behave more aggressively and alienate themselves. If you bring in a dark-skinned person, watch how the public react to it.

Jerry-Christian Tchouissé [a Cameroonian who played in Russia for nearly a decade] spoke of the reasons which prevented him from playing for Russia in an interview with Sports.ru. Do you believe that 10 years on Welliton could be called up?

I don’t. We have a lot of idiots in our country. And I believe that there are intelligent people who would allow a footballer for our national team to be black – like they did in Poland, for example. We have a great country. When does a country become “great”? More than anything, when it has a big population. We have 150 million inhabitants. If we had 150,000 like somewhere like the Faroe Islands, then there would be a problem and we would have to invite black players. We have a lot of different nationalities. Why do we have to take Welliton? He wouldn’t have ever played for us if Brazil had called him up. He would have turned his nose up at us, he wouldn’t have needed our country, wouldn’t have loved it. And he wouldn’t have a reason to love it. He will only play for our country for money. Why do we need that? Yes, in the world there’s a tendency to call up foreigners to national teams. But a great nation doesn’t do these sort of things. Great nations have enough of their own.

Is France not a great nation?

The French are not a great nation. There are only 20-30 million French. Young people and their girlfriends prefer to live in expectation that when their grandparents die they will inherit their flats, sell them for a few million and continue to do nothing. They don’t study, they don’t want to work. In France they don’t even have people to pick grapes! One Frenchman who I respect a lot came to visit me. When I talked with him he lowered his eyes – he’s ashamed. Of the French national team, in which black players play. How did you like the situation, where last year the French came to play in Lithuania and saw the banner “Welcome to Europe?” (laughs). They wrote correctly: here come the French team, who have no relationship whatsoever to Europe.

I fear many would consider that racism.

Once again: I lived for five years in Africa. I am very respectful towards black people. Among them are very good people who I have made friends with and remain so. They are clever, orderly people. In America among black people there are very interesting people…but our country isn’t ready. We don’t understand it. We have 90% of our population who have never been outside Russia.

You consider yourself an offensive expert. You’re not afraid to tell the truth.

If telling the truth means being offensive, that’s the way it is.

How do you live by this idea?

For me one of the greatest pleasures in life, and which I consider to be the most important achievements of democracy, is the ability to say what you think. When I say what I don’t think I have become an animal. I don’t like to say stupid things. If I’m talking rubbish, I apologise.

And when was the last time you apologised?


This is what Abramov had to say about the Koreans, taken from the google translate of the source material, so it is sic’ed.

Why the Dynamo took a two beardless Koreans? Given that, as you say, wanted to take another.

For Koreans, it does not matter, there is a coach on the field or not. If he gave them the task to run from gate to gate, the coach can go and booze-breed anywhere, and players will train. Shall run until they die. And our players will not run, sit down and will play cards or seeds luzgat directly on the field. That’s our mentality. So in training Koreans ignite the entire team – they start to run, rush. Like it or not, it is necessary to keep pace. In one of the matches of Zenith was an episode that went by all. Hyun Young-Min goes to a second half substitute. Zenit scored the second goal, confidently leading and Hen on the flank of all the runs and runs, runs and runs. Anyukov shouted to him: “What do you nosishsya? Stop. We are tired, do not have time.

And scene.

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