Unprofessional Foul


October 8, 2010

Chuck D Can’t Drive 55

Probably a Good Approximation of What CD9 Looked Like After Getting Stopped for Speeding

But if you want to do some multiplying (by a factor of two in this case), then he is totally cool with that.

This is really a somewhat roundabout way of saying that ‘Merican Charlie Davies was caught driving around 110 mph last weekend, according to the po-po in the Jura district of eastern France.

The police confiscated his driver’s license. Probably for his own good as much as the public good at this point as Davies doesn’t seem to have learned much of a lesson from his near death experience that cost him a spot on the USMNT at the World Cup last summer (and really, someone who could actually finish instead of Robbie Findley probably would have been helpful against Ghana).

Particularly curious that CD9 would go all leadfoot on pretty much the 1-year anniversary (almost to the day) of said accident. Granted, Davies wasn’t the driver that night but if we may… JESUS, SON. YOU ALMOST DIED. PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR RECTAL ORIFICE OR GROW THE HELL UP OR SOMETHING.

Or don’t. But don’t expect much sympathy if it happens again. Fool me once, etc.

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