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October 8, 2010

Twelve Watches Ought to Do It

Jefferson Farfan

I Farfan'd Myself

Forget Lionel Messi. Jefferson Farfan is the new Maradona. No, it’s not in how the Peruvian plays the game that he garners such high esteem, but rather in his preposterous behavior.

While Maradona only left Italy with two fewer watches back in 2006, Farfan might be set to lose more than two.

You see, the Schalke 04 winger returned to Peru for today’s international match with Costa Rica and was promptly detained by authorities due to an ongoing child support dispute with his ex-girfriend.  If Farfan is unable to resolve the issue quickly, he might miss his side’s clash with VfB Stuttgart next week.

Where’s the idiocy, you ask?

In the linked story, the ex-girfriend is seeking at least €50,000 a month in child support. Farfan claims he only earns €1,300 a month.

Splashed all over German sites is a recent TV interview Farfan gave in which he boasted of his three luxuries cars (a Bentley means you’re ballin’), extravagant shopping sprees in Italy, and a collection of watches valued at between 50-80 thousand euros each.

The best part about the interview is that it was for a Peruvian TV station! And yes, I’m assuming this is the same TV interview that got Farfan fined by Schalke.The Lima police, obviously, did not have to translate German to figure out Farfan’s claim of poverty is a load.

So, remember, professional footballers—if you have a problem at home with your baby’s mama and just made her even madder by having an affair with a possible porn star but just cannot resist bragging about all your bling—stick to interviews with Ukranian television. Oh, and stay away from Peru. I hear New England is nice this time of year.

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