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October 16, 2010

MLS Liveblog: L.A. Galaxy v. Colorado Rapids

Fight on, indeed.

So I’m standing with some friends at USC drinking a beer at 10 a.m. PDT when a guy walks by in a Man United shirt from 1999 with the number “99″ and the name “Treble” on the it. I start singing, and he shakes his head at me. I say, “wait a second… we gave up another damn lead?!” He says, in his purely Mancunian accent, “we did, mate. I think I’m going to blow me effing brains out with this side.”

So I hate soccer. Just want to start the liveblog with that.

That said, I had a great time at the USC game. To wit, the fine young lady pictured above.

So let’s enjoy this liveblog. Now a word of warning: Prime Ticket is showing the game on a one-hour delay, so who knows if you’ll be able to watch the game or not. If not, I’ll bring you the livebloggery to see if the Galaxy can sew up the Supporters Shield tonight. Oh, and Beckham!!!

Back in a bit with lineups and fun.

PREGAME: Here are the lineups…

LA GALAXY: Ricketts, Franklin, Gonzalez, Berhalter, DeLaGarza, Birchall, Beckham, Juninho, Stephens, Buddle, Donovan

COLORADO: Pickens, Kimura, Wynne, Moor, Thompson, Mullan, Larentowicz, Mastroeni, Smith, Casey, Cummings

She's Russian and she's drinking a 40 of Smirnoff Ice.

PREGAME: On Wisconsin, on Wisconsin, plunge right through that line!!! Way to lay an egg, Ohio State. Hellooooo Oregon and Boise State for the national title.

PREGAME: I plan to include some pics from the USC game throughout the liveblog. For your entertainment.

PREGAME: Tiny crowd tonight so far. Then again, it’s been cloudy and drizzly all day in SoCal. And when it’s a little cloudy, that’s like when you guys in get a NorEaster.

PREGAME: Buddle is warming up right now and has sent three consecutive shots into Row X. Well done, Edson.

PREGAME: The local AP writer who covers the Galaxy is trying to find this game on TV. He just got informed that it’s on a one-hour delay. He yells, “CRAP!” and walks to get another Diet Coke.

PREGAME: OK, the crowd is getting a little better. It’s cinch sack night here at the HDC. woot.

PREGAME: Anthem time. America, F**K YEAH!

PREGAME: Beckham still gets the loudest cheer. Don’t these people get it?!

PREGAME: The Rapids uniforms look like warm-ups. Maybe it’s because they don’t have a shirt sponsor.

PREGAME: Anonsters is put on notice. You’re a little sassy tonight, my boy. I will have to destroy you if you persist.

She looks like a lot of Phun.

PREGAME: Odd happening. The Rapids must have won the toss and want to go north in the first half. Very unusual for the Galaxy to head that direction first. Maybe the Rapids wanted their GK to avoid the Angel City Brigade and the Galaxians.


1st minute: GOOOOALL!!! Except it’s not. Nice ball through from Donovan, but Buddle was clearly off…. unless you couldn’t see a damn thing because of the smoke.

3rd minute: Becks is playing pretty high. Almost making it a 4-3-3. So far, no flow for Colorado.

4th minute: The Angel City Brigade is doing a chant to the tune of KarmaChameleon. Please stop.

5th minute: Conor Casey is a walking FAIL.

6th minute: Donovan is playing up front again. I would bet he stays there for the playoffs.

7th minute: The friggin’ fireworks smoke is STILL over the field. It has to be bad on TV.

8th minute: Nice free kick in by that guy I won’t mention. A Galaxy player gets a head on it, but it almost turns into a Colorado own-goal. Nice chance.

9th minute: @OM: The glow doesn’t break through the fog?

9th minute: LUCKY GOOOOOOOOOOOALLLL!!! Galaxy 1-0 Rapids. Buddle receives a nice pass and winds up for a shot that would have ended up in Row X, but it is deflected by the defender and loops right over the keeper Pickens. A nice build up, but a lucky goal.

The best Cal had to offer.

11th minute: Just saw this tweet from Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello: “Enjoying a long-overdue TERRIERS marathon on this quiet Saturday. First two eps were solid, but third was spectacular. Popping in #4 now…”

13th minute: Colorado doesn’t have the talent to play with the Galaxy. It’s clear. Which, of course, means that they’ll get the equalizer on a Conor Casey header.

14th minute: Great buildup. That guy on the right hits a nice pace over the top to Lando, who pulls it back for Buddle, but he puts the shot low and right to the keeper.

15th minute: Buddle was credited with the goal, and to be fair he deserves it. And man, that guy is able to just camp out on the right and hit cross after cross.

16th minute: Colorado gets its first move forward and almost puts it away. Luckily for the Galaxy, Conor Casey is a walking FAIL.

17th minute: OWN GOOOOOOOOOOOALLLL! Galaxy 1-1 Rapids. The ball clearly hits a Galaxy player. They haven’t announced the official credit yet.

18th minute: Still haven’t announced who scored. It was off Franklin. Meanwhile, Goldenmort is continuing to feed Lando. A second goal is coming.

21st minute: It was Franklin, I think, Anonsters. Another corner for Goldenmort. The ball comes right back out to him, and the cross to Buddle is nice, but the header is over the top.

22nd minute: Goal for the Rapids was officially called an OG, but no name attached. We all think it’s Franklin.

24th minute: Confirmed. Buddle. Meanwhile, Goldenmort dives again.

25th minute: Goldenmort is yapping at the linesman all game. He’s really surly again. He dives and earns a kick and a yellow card for Colorado. Puts the ball right on Buddle’s head. Can you guess where it went? Riiiiight.

26th minute: It hit both, actually, but they officially confirmed Buddle on the OG.

27th minute: Things have quieted down a bit. And frankly it’s a really nice night out here. I love October in SoCal.

29th minute: Goldenmort and Wells Thompson keep going at it. Insert joke here.

30th minute: Donovan tries the over-the-top ball this time. Again, Buddle can’t get there.

31st minute: GOOOOOOOOOOALLLLL! Galaxy 1-2 Rapids. A gorgeous ball across that even a walking fail like Conor Casey can’t mess up. He slots it in and the Galaxy are behind.

32nd minute: They’re giving away backpacks that are the small ones with string instead of straps. A cinch sack.

33rd minute: I have to give him credit… Goldenmort plays these 60 yard balls right to feet so much of the time. It’s impressive in person.

35th minute: Look, I didn’t name the damn things… Meanwhile, Conor Casey gets a yellow card for a Scholes-ian tackle.

36th minute: I was just wondering about Donovan, too. Fact is, the ball is going up the right side all day, and Donovan is playing back post and waiting for service. The thing is, once the ball comes over for him, he’s playing one-touch to someone else instead of settling and taking people on.

38th minute: The Galaxy decide that Omar Cummings needs more time on the ball, give it right to him. Lucky for them his shot was bollocks.

39th minute: For those asking, it’s a weak night in the press box. I’m surprised. A no-name L.A. Times writer, the usual Bleacher Report flunky, my buddy from 90:00 Soccer, Scott French from ESPN and the AP writer. Most of the name writers in L.A. would be at the USC game today.

42nd minute: Chris Birchall is hurt from the walking FAIL tackle. He has to come off and is replaced by Eddie Lewis.

44th minute: After a slow start, the HDC is almost full. Surprised, I am.

45th minute: Three minutes of added time. Just enough time for one more goal this half. The question is who will get it.

46th minute: The Galaxy are putting on a shooting drill now and Pickens has been up to the task.

47th minute: The Galaxy decide to give the Rapids a fast break. Mullen makes a 60 yard run, takes a very nice shot that goes DOINK off the upper V. Should be 3-1.

HALFTIME: The Galaxy should be winning this match 4-2. However, they just don’t have the connection with Donovan again tonight. Frustrating for them I’m sure. I’ll be back after playing a quick game of Galaga or Dig Dug.


Let’s see how these first five minutes go. Will the Galaxy make it work or will they fall apart? And I’ve been called a jinx by a writer from ESPN. Since I started coming to games live (around the All-Star Game), the Galaxy have continuously dropped points. I blame Tom Hicks.

47th minute: Slow start to the second half. ZZZ.

48th minute: Omar Cummings tries to hit a nice pass through, but Walking FAIL gets in the way.

49th minute: Off topic, but worth asking… does ANYONE think Clamato is good? And why the HELL would you mix it with Budweiser? /looking at ad boards

50th minute: Hey, look! The Galaxy have a gambling site as an advertiser! Hear that, some people I know?!

52nd minute: I just got a free cinch sack! Will post a pic. Yay free stuff!

54th minute: OK, so some stuff happened in the match. Goldenmort hasn’t done a damn thing, Donovan is lost out there and Walking FAIL hasn’t done anything either. Top drawer stuff, this is.

55th minute: Chance for the Rockies. Should have been 3-1 again. Galaxy must not want to sew up home field tonight. They must want to wait for the FCD game next weekend.

57th minute: Donovan goes apes**t at the ref after being pulled down. I mean, it was a clear foul, but dang!

58th minute: Eddie Lewis with a chance to set something up. He sends the ball into Row Z — and gets booed.

60th minute: A guy from the L.A. Times says he thinks the Galaxy have only played two quality matches since May — the win at New York and the win over Columbus. I can’t argue that.

61st minute: Wow, tons of chances there for Colorado! A sitter for Kandji, a header off the post and a near shot in again. Should be 3-1 (for the fourth time).

63rd minute: The Galaxy keep trying to break Buddle free with little success. And Donovan is clearly frustrated, but I just realized that Colorado is playing him with a legit double team at all times. Drew Moor is shadowing him, and then he gets defensive help every time.

65th minute: Glad to know I make MLS palatable for you, OM.

66th minute: Donovan is called for a foul and looks like he’s going to kick the ref in the man business.

67th minute: Donovan decides he’s going to take this game over. He takes on three players, lays it off to Goldenmort, but the cross is lost. The Landy does it again and the play is lost. Cakes is gonna have to just take everyone on.

68th minute: GOOOOOOOOOALLL!!!! Galaxy 1-3 Rapids. Walking FAIL lays the ball off to Omar Cummings just like Donovan did for his team. Unlike the Galaxy, however, Cummings puts it away. This game is toast.

Personal Foul!

71st minute: Almost another goal for FAIL.  Should be 4-1.

71st minute: When the Galaxy look good, they look REALLY good, but on nights like this, they look like a pub side that Norfolk Ned could run circles around.

72nd minute: Again Donovan is in the ref’s face. He’s not as good looking a ref as these ladies.

74th minute: Goldenmort looks just plain angry. So does Donovan. And Buddle takes to long to make decisions.

76th minute: Corner for Goldermort. Nada.

78th minute: So what would Goldenmort be yelling at the ref right now? And how would sound to hear James T say it?

80th minute: Close call for the Galaxy there, but nothing doing in the end.

80th minute: Goldenmort had Donovan WIDE open on the right but instead tries to play a crappy ball over the top to Buddle. FAIL.

82nd minute: I’m liveblogging this match and I’m tired of it. I don’t think I’m going to do the locker room thing tonight. Donovan is surly when they lose. And Goldenmort will have some pat answer about his sandwich being good.

83rd minute: The Galaxy are trying to play with desperation, but it’s not getting them anywhere. Meanwhile, the Rapids have gone into stall mode.

85th minute: Please end soon.

85th minute: Fair play to Pickens. He’s had a very good game for the Avalanche.

87th minute: The Nuggets are doing a nice job of holding up play. Shouldn’t be much longer now.

88th minute: Quit stealing my material, Pupsters! Meanwhile, a clear scoring opportunity for the Galaxy and Pickens makes a nice save again.

89th minute: NO GOAL!!! The Galaxy confetti cannon goes off, but the flag was up. This is Howard Webb-type hatred from the HDC crowd tonight, but I think it was a good call. Premature confetti ejaculation.

90th minutes: Four more minutes of close calls and no goals for the Galaxy.

91st minute: Blah. Done deal. I hope.

FULL TIME: 3-1 Rapids. I had fun with this liveblog. Hope you all did too. Remember the Derby tomorrow morning with JT. Drive home safely!

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