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October 29, 2010

Yeah, Rooney’s Never Playing Again For United

At least his neck's in good health

Call it principles, call it stubbornness, call it what you will, but is anyone really buying Wayne Rooney’s latest injury setback?

Let’s review: he’s holidaying—I’m sorry, rehabbing—in Dubai and Fergie is just revealing today that the injury was worse than they thought?

Huh? Worse than they thought? How complex an issue could it be? It’s an ankle. Aren’t the doctors at Old Trafford competent in any way? (Don’t answer that; Owen Hargreaves is still on the medic’s table)

Key quote from Fergie: When asked this morning whether he still thought the injury would sideline the striker for no more than three weeks, Ferguson said: “I think it may be longer.”

And so, the obvious conspiracy theory born in the wake of RooneyGate becomes the apparent storyline: Ferguson doesn’t want to use Wayne Rooney any more as their relationship is in ruins.

It all began with that initial war of words: Fergie said that Wayne was still injured, only for the young, potato-headed striker to come out and say he’s been fine in training all along. It sparked the contract mess that we all tired quickly of, but the signing of the deal was supposed to be the conclusion to this lover’s tiff? Or maybe the cheesy, hilarious photo op didn’t dispel our suspicions that all was not suddenly forgotten at Old Trafford?

Fergie’s a known curmudgeon. This is a basic analysis. He’s dumped players for far less egregious actions under his watch, but for now, the wily Scot can’t care much. Javier Hernandez is slowly gaining momentum while Dimitar Berbatov has shown the style and artistry that convinced him to splash £30m on the Bulgarian way back when. With Rooney a million miles away on some artificial beach, sipping gin and rubbing suntan lotion across his scorned wife’s browning back, it’s out of sight and out of mind.

We’re all sick of this saga, but with Rooney likely to remain out until well into December, it would appear to untrained eyes that Ferguson’s personal ethics will dictate that for as long as he’s in charge at United, young Wazza will remain sidelined for one reason or another.

Only question is, when his ankle finally does heal, what will the reasoning be then?

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