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November 9, 2010

Attack of the Blobs

Look out!

Every Monday La Gazzetta dello Sport runs a feature online that they call “The Blob of the Week”. Simply put, the blobs are a nice, easy way for them to roundup the most “significant or unusual” quotes from the world of Italian sports.

Honestly, I’ve not yet figured out what exactly the term “blob” is referring to. There are occasionally links to articles on the site that appear as tightly packed, barely legible collections of quotes, stats, and data. (Here’s an example) So at first, I assumed that this was simply a more polished blob acting as a collection of the best quotes of the week. Plus it’s in the singular, so that must be it right?

Not so fast. The English version of the site has occasionally run it’s translated… you guessed it: “Blobs of the Week”. I’ve never heard the term used by an Italian speaker but since Il Blob della Settimana always seems to be just quotes, it’s entirely possible.

And much more fun, so that’s what I’m going with. In what I hope to be a semi-regular feature, I now present to you just a few of the choicest blobs from this week in Italian football.

“They were only a few centimeters” – Milan CEO Adriano Galliani, in reference to Pippo Inzaghi’s two goals against Madrid in the Champions League.

I like this one so much for two reasons. First, it’s total bull. I don’t remember there being any question of the first goal being offside, but the second was clear as day. Secondly, Inzaghi is always offside; why even bother defending him?

Thankfully for Milan fans, Howard Webb and his crew of flunkies missed the call, though Madrid still earned a point that not even the most hardcore Rossonero would begrudge them.

I was content with a point for Milan as well, and I actually agree with what Jose Mourinho blobbed about:

“Milan are not fantastic in terms of their football, but their character is remarkable with people like Inzaghi, Gennaro Gattuso and Clarence Seedorf who for years have been playing in the Champions League. Madrid were in control, but they had the character to hit back.”

I couldn’t say it any better myself. They’ve made some expensive purchases who’ve showed flashes of commitment and drive. However, in clutch situations, it’s still the old guard getting it done for Milan.

In the 20 years I was at Milan there were four fights. And those were years in which we won the scudetto.” – Milan legend Alessandro Costacurta

Awesome. Maybe Gooch will be more valuable to this team than I thought!

“Today everyone at Inter is crazy about Eto’o. The truth is nobody really wanted him. Not even Mourinho, who was only interested in not losing Ibra.” – Zlatan’s agent Mino Raiola, who also represents Mario Balotelli.

Maybe Gooch should punch him too. Eto’o has doubled Ibra’s output for the season so far.

And finally a joke (loosely translated), which was included presumably because of the Rome derby on Sunday. It will be extra sweet now for the victorious Giallorossi:

“To make my son a Roma fan I played a little, dirty trick. I hid all of the toys. When he arrived and found nothing and started to cry, I told him they were with the Lazio fans. Then later, when he wasn’t around, I put everything back. When he came back and saw, I told him the Romans had brought everything back.” – Actor Claudio Amendola

Kind of funny. Definitely a little bit cruel. And totally the kind of thing I’ll surely resort to with my future offspring.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the blobs. They were a bit Milan-heavy this week but give me a break, it’s my first real post!

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