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November 12, 2010

Help… Or Just Watch Mali and Tunisia Women’s Soccer Teams Throw Down

UPDATE: Looks like we have found the combatants in this battle royale–Mali and Tunisia–from a 2008 friendly between the two countries.  Obviously, it was not very friendly.  Many thanks to our super-sleuth commenters.

We stumbled across this women’s soccer fight that someone posted on youtube, but we can’t seem to identify the combatants.

We’re guessing this is at least one African side. And the other team is probably North African or Middle Eastern. We’ve tried Egypt, Tunisia and Bahrain for the team in red. Tunisia has the best uniform match with the red/red/red combination, but perusing the FIFA site, their recent results don’t pair them with the team in white. Same for Egypt and Bahrain.

As for the team in white, it looks like they’ve got a red, gold and green color pattern on their jerseys. And that could make them any of about half the teams in Africa, which isn’t much help.

Maybe this is actually a really old fight that just went up recently (yesterday) and we’re going about this the wrong way.

But anyone who has better sleuthing skills, have at it. If not, just enjoy women beating the living tar out of each other.

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