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November 12, 2010

Ronaldinho to Los Angeles?

He'd totally fit in at Venice Beach

Look! It’s Alex Baker again!

Like a mummy that won’t die or veteran AC Milan striker Pipo Inzaghi, rumors about Ronaldinho being headed to the LA Galaxy just keep on coming.  In a report published by Goal.com this week it was reported that the MLS title contenders are apparently willing to splash the cash to the tune of $7 million a season to sign the player of the decade.

Crazy Ronaldinho here in LA with America’s Balding Eagle and his former Milan teammate, Lord Beckingham? From the perspective of a journalist who covers the Galaxy all I can say is, how cool would that be?  The whole idea conjures up festive visions of the player leading all the players and journalists around the locker room in a Samba train or inviting us all up to his palatial pad in the hills for drum circles and caipirinhas.

[Ed. Note: sounds great and all, but would Becks pay for the lamb pizza this time?

Of course at the moment much of this is hearsay and wishful thinking on the part of MLS.  AC Milan CEO Adriano “Offer You Can’t Refuse” Galliano remains dismissive of any move on the Brazilian’s part, insisting Dinho will remain in Milan with about as much conviction as Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s agent insisted the striker would remain at Barcelona.

Looking for answers in the player’s Twitter feed revealed nothing.  On his official website all I really found were testimonials from Ronnie’s fans who apparently are just about as crackers as the man himself.

But in all sincerity, for a few years this man was as good as anyone who ever played the game, seemingly headed towards being a Maradona, a Pele or a Cruyff.  Unfortunately his love of the European nightlife seems to have relegated him to being kind of the George Best for our generation: a gifted, charismatic player who partied himself into an early decline.

But still like Best, Cruyff and Pele back in the ‘70s, aging European superstars are beginning to head over here by the parcel.  The success of Lord Beckingham in LA and Henry le Frog in New York would bode well for the new slightly overweight and sluggish Ronaldinho 2.0 model.  His unique brand of Brazilian trickery, while no longer as effective against top-class continental opposition, would still surely be able to confound and confuse the Kansas City Wizards defense, right?

With America’s Balding Eagle likely to bolt back to the EPL next season, the Galaxy will be in need a new marquee midfielder to make plays and sell jerseys.  And after failing to make a dent in either of Milan’s Champions League encounters with Real Madrid this fall, four seasons in the MLS at $7 million a pop seems like an opportunity Dinho would be a fool to pass up.

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