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November 18, 2010

He Plays for Your OWN Team!

Who said that? That wasn’t very nice!

Ah, Italy, don’t ever change. That way the rest of Europe can continue feeling superior while ignoring their own difficulties with racism.

During the beauty that was the schedule of mid-week international friendlies, we were once again treated to the (not so) subtle racism of Italian right-wing ultras. As you might surmise, it was directed towards the beleaguered Mario Balotelli.

As Italy was on its way to drawing 1-1 with Romania, the Manchester City striker was booed on his every touch of the ball by a group of 100 Italian supporters.

Presumably, having lost their witty “No to a multi-ethnic national team” banner, the best they could come up with was the Bronx cheer with assorted monkey noises thrown in for good measure. With the match being played in front of only 3,000 fans at HypoArena stadium in Austria, the jeers were clearly audible to everyone on the pitch.

After the match the 20 year-old admitted that he was frustrated by the continued racism aimed at him, noting “[i]f I have to hear those chants every time, you can’t go forward like that.” However, with a measure of maturity that we haven’t really seen before from him, Balotelli also stated that “[i]t wouldn’t be right to stop a game because a few fans that turn up to the stadium behave like that. We need to change these people but it’s not me that has to do it. Where I live, the people don’t reason like these people. A multi-ethnic Italy already exists and we can do better.”

[Ed. Note: Hey wait – what does he mean by “these people”?]

While Italy coach Cesare Prandelli and Italian federation president Giancarlo Abete have condemned the behavior of the fans, the Italian press continues to insist that Balotelli will be returning to play in Serie A next year despite the racism directed at him, noting that he had dinner with AC Milan vice-president Adriano Galliani after the Milan derby this past weekend.

By most accounts Balotelli was dangerous on the pitch against Romania, creating numerous chances before being replaced by Quagliarella in the 59th minute (why such a quick substitution – he doesn’t need to rest up for EPL action since he’s still serving a suspension) of the match.

So, let’s review, Italy fans:

1. Booing Mario Balotelli for acting like a petulant child on the pitch – ACCEPTABLE.

2. Booing Mario Balotelli for playing more like Mario Lopez on the pitch – ACCEPTABLE.

3. Booing Mario Balotelli for being black – UNACCEPTABLE!

Still too dark for the ultras’ liking.

Although, to be fair to the racists, they also booed Argentine-Italian Christian Ledesma.

I mean, look at him, over there to the left. That man is clearly NOT Italian.

What the Azzurri supporters need are some nice young men who are sufficiently white so as to represent their country appropriately.

You know, like Mauro Camoranesi.

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  1. Ho hum. Move along. Nothing to see here/throughout Europe.

  2. Outside Mid

    @ Anon: Spain’s not well known for being too sensitive either eh? Didn’t its basketball players put on blackface for something a while back?

  3. ebullientfatalist

    Meh. It’s disgusting, but not even winning a World Cup for your country will change racist thinking — right M. Le Pen?

  4. Precious Roy

    OM: They made Chinese eyes… which to some people isn’t all bad.

  5. Outside Mid

    @ PR: Thanks. I thought it was something insensitive but couldn’t recall exactly what. Thought it involved Pau Gasol getting all Zwart Piet on us.

  6. Dustin

    Why doesn’t the FA do something about this? Hand out lifetime bans? Or maybe the teammates should rally around their teammate or something?

    Keep being pussies and the racists are going to walk all over you.

  7. James T

    And Dustin:
    I have absolutely no idea. These issues generally aren’t fun for UEFA or FIFA, or even a national FA, because they involve making tough decisions.

  8. @JT: That is random and amazing. Vaguely reminds me of a picture of my doggie with her muzzle stuffed in an Arby’s cup. She liked Jamocha milkshakes from Arby’s.

  9. whizalen

    why would he even bother suiting up for Italy again? seriously.

  10. Why did John Barnes bother? Why did Jackie Robinson? For the chance to outlive and outshine your haters, I guess.

  11. TrentonPorkRollUnion

    Why can’t they turn their vitriol on it’s rightful target, Il Tratidore! Oh, right..

  12. Ahh, yes. Mario Balotelli = the new Jackie Robinson.

  13. Orr

    You better hope he doesn’t read UF Anonsters, because he will run with that

  14. @Orr: He seems like the type who would obsessively Google himself. Oh lord, what have I done?

  15. Ryan

    I had a similar thought to whizalen. He got abused last year with Inter, yet now all he can talk about is wanting to go back to play in Italy. Good for him for taking people I guess, but I don’t think that’s the choice I would make.

  16. Ryan

    Erm, taking people on*.

  17. @Ryan – for a second I thought I had missed a story about Balotelli kidnapping someone. Which would have been awesome.

  18. You know what snack is awesome and just might help us solve the world’s racial problems? Combos.

  19. Combos are awesome, but they leave a nasty taste in your mouth.
    /not drunk

  20. Orr

    That’s why you have to just keep eating Combos
    /a little drunk

  21. Tno


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