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November 20, 2010

Conspiracy Theory Bootroom

Where's Xavi? Or an effective Fabregas?

Looks like we broke the other one. I promise that it’s not a UF Gooner conspiracy so that you’ll never be able to relive it on our site. Move on up here for your post-match Spurs gloating (and possibly to follow another game or two).

Fixtures for the rest of the day (times EST, natch):
9.30 Schalke 04-Werder Bremen (GolTV)
9.30 Eintracht Frankfurt – TSG Hoffenheim
9.30 Borussia Moenchengladbach – Mainz 05 (ESPN3)
9.30 Freiburg – Borussia Dortmund
9.30 Hannover 96 – Hamburger SV
9.30 Nurnburg – Kaiserslautern

10.00 Birmingham City – Chelsea (FS+)
10.00 Blackpool – Wolves
10.00 SF Bolton – Newcastle
10.00 Manchester United – Wigan (FSC)
10.00 WBA – Stoke City
10.00 Celtic – Dundee United

10.30 USA – Italy WC playoff (ESPN3)

12.00 AS Roma – Udinese (FS+)

12.30 Liverpool – West Ham (FSC)
12.30 Bayer Leverkusen – Bayern Munich (ESPN3)

1.00 Stade Rennes – Brest (FS+)

2.45 Ajax – PSV (ESPN3)
2.45 AC Milan – Fiorentina (FSC, ESPN3)

4.00 Real Madrid – Athletic Bilbao (GolTV)

11.00 Sydney FC – Perth Glory (FSC)

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  1. Orr

    I submit that Eto’o headbutting a dude and not getting even a yellow card is also part of the conspiracy

  2. Wacman

    If it wasn’t for the whistle, that’d be a rash challenge for Kompany on Dempsey. It was really high

  3. Ryan

    Wow. Fulham the much better side here in the second half, but it’s 4-0.

  4. Ryan

    So, uh Diego, seeing Zabaleta today, still liking the “Jonas as a fullback” strategy during the World Cup?

  5. Wacman

    Those socks are hideous…as was that touch, fuck that brilliant Argentinian

  6. Wacman

    Finally Fulham score…

  7. Ryan

    Salcido has been abused all day by Tevez.

  8. Wacman


  9. Arkie

    Dirty Dirty De Jong

  10. Ryan

    Yikes. I don’t think that was intentional, but that was some pretty hefty arm to head contact.

  11. This is more like it. Recycled bootroom. Very third-rate.

  12. Wacman

    @Anon, I would LOVE Gourcuff. Mainly because he can do a little of everything, and this includes long shots, which is something Arsenal lacks. I could see him being Cesc’s replacement

  13. Myyyy Bologna has a first name, it’s Na-p-o-l-i.

  14. Maybe. If ESPN3 ever decides to begin coverage.

  15. Well, hello there, Italian MILF.

  16. Remember that time when we were 2-0 down at the half and then 3-2 up at full time? COYS

  17. Maggio! What a great start.

  18. @LE: Remember that time when we were up 2-0 at the half and won the game 3-0? Me either. :( Eh, fuck it. COYS!

  19. Orr

    Great header from Maggio, questionable defending on the set piece

  20. This is apparently the Napoli Hoof It strategy at work.

  21. Ahh, Lavezzi, you beauty. Should’ve taken the shot. Cavani should’ve attacked the goal rather than sit and watch.

  22. Cavani should also stop looking like a tranny, but I guess we can’t have everything we want.

  23. Hey, check out the tranny on defense.

  24. Oh, good. Cannavaro’s hurt.

  25. Orr

    Lavezzi should be doing better there

  26. Yeah, agreed. It’s kind of surprising how much space they’re giving him to run around and shoot, though.

  27. Wacman

    This game is hard to pay attention to when the Jaguars turn the ball over literally every possession…

  28. “Indiscernible thrust from Bologna.” That’s what she said?

  29. Do people still wear spectacles? I certainly don’t. I wear spectaculars.

  30. Wacman

    Cavani FAIL!

  31. Oh, Cavani. Score that shit.

  32. Orr

    Almost a gift there for Cavani!

  33. Orr

    Bologna trying to give this one away

  34. Wacman

    Hey look, another Jaguars turnover……that’s 6…and yet the Browns are only up 7 points

  35. Dammit, dammit, dammit. Score that shit, Lavezzi.

  36. I like how concerned Derek Rae is with whether or not Mazzari is wearing his glasses.

  37. Wacman

    Hamsik looks like RVP with Chamakh’s hair…
    Phil Dawson just missed a 51 yard FG…I’m ready to punch an infant

  38. There we go. Nice header to spring Cavani, and nice work by Cavani to keep that ball active. 2-0. Get in!

  39. That was awesome by the AR.

  40. I think they should all throw their flags in the air when there’s an offside.

  41. Cribari looks terrified on defense. And now he doesn’t look anything because they lost the signal. Sweet.

  42. This is super exciting. Will ESPN keep the signal or will they lose it again? Stay tuned!

  43. Great soccer weather in Italy!

  44. Wacman

    Balls, tie game. Seppuku time.

  45. You can never see too much Ezequiel Lavezzi, Derek Rae. Nevar.

  46. So is there going to be a new bootroom for the MLS final tonight? If not, we might break this one, too, since we’re inching near 400. And I just woke up after a nice 24-hour power nap, so I’m good for 30-40 more on my own. :P

  47. What a corner!! (What terrible defense on the corner!)

  48. Wacman

    I’m about to choke a bitch…I hate the Browns

  49. I think that’s the happiest I’ve ever seen De Laurentiis.

  50. Cavani needs to do better with that. Completely alone after a great run by Lavezzi. Stuff that shit home, trannyboy.

  51. How did both of Hamsik’s shins get bloody at the same time?

  52. Holy things you never see, Lavezzi was smiling!

  53. Nice move, Lavezzi’s just not on target with his shooting today. It’s ok. He’s done plenty of other, non-shooting work.

  54. I’m not liking how much Napoli has taken their foot off the gas. Let the other team get the big Mo, you don’t get it back.

  55. Dear Morgan De Sanctis: You’re a GKer. Don’t try to play the ball like a MFer. Love, Me.

  56. Wacman

    Well, that was shittier than Arsenal losing, if only because I could vent my anger by screaming rather than just shaking my head at 9:30 in the morning… GO BALONEY!

  57. Orr

    Italian teams don’t know what to do when they’re up big

  58. They need to watch Barcelona, then. 8-0 > 3-0.

  59. Thank God. We have a Walter Mazzari Glasses Update from Derek Rae. I was getting worried.

  60. Ryan

    Whoa. Twitter “rumors” that Ancelotti has just resigned. Although now they’ve walked that back to him being told his contract wouldn’t be renewed. Oh well. Run with the story anyway!

  61. Orr

    That’s better

  62. There you go, trannyboy. Tied for most goals scored in Serie A.

  63. Nice ball from Lavezzi to spring Sosa, and a nice ball from Sosa to set up Cavani. Love that team work shit.

  64. You can see why Cribari doesn’t get a lot of Serie A game time. He looks ready to shit his pants every time he’s called to defend. Not a great trait for a defender to have.

  65. Ryan

    Aw, now they’re saying the Chelsea board has refused to accept the resignation. Well, that was a fun 20 minutes. Thanks, the internet.

  66. Isn’t it about time for Lazio to go away? Go away, Lazio.

  67. @Ryan: I invoke Rule 34 on Ancelotti submitting his resignation.

  68. Actually, never mind. I just realized, that would mean Ancelotti porn. Ew.

  69. Pics or it didn’t happen. That’s safer.

  70. Hey, EPL (SI, B!) refs, pay attention. 1 minute of stoppage. Imagine that.

  71. ‘Twas a good, solid win.

  72. Tno

    My yahoo fantasy team punched junk this week. 130 points!

  73. Wacman

    @Tno, My favorite professional teams punched me in the junk this week

  74. WhoNeedsForwards


  75. Wac’s a Gooner alright. He’s also highly perceptive when it comes to soccer. Unless Arsenal is playing. In which case he goes blind and deaf. :P

  76. James T

    Think we have an MLS Cup liveblog coming….

  77. WhoNeedsForwards

    I hope so. I need somewhere to talk about how much I want to punch Max Bretos in the face.

  78. Shane

    Wife: “They look a lot slower.”
    Me: “Yep.”

  79. WhoNeedsForwards

    So, no liveblog huh. Anyways, Garber didn’t have anything really important to say anyways, other than getting everyone’s hopes up by mentioning they’re looking at re-aligning the calendar to the rest of the football world.


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