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November 20, 2010

UF After Dark: Wilshere’s Wannabe Wag No Longer Wannabe

Perhaps Wannabe No More

This should go without saying but NSFW warning.

As noted in Backpasses, Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere was caught dipping his pen in a different inkwell than he should have been. That wrong inkwell’s name is Jessica Jensen and the kind denizens of the internet have helpfully uploaded numerous photographs of Ms. Jensen in outfits of varying amounts of cloth.

The funniest of them may be the one on the right where she shows off her…um…ambition in life. Looks like she may have to set a new goal.

There are other good photos though. One where she is at a foam party, several where she is in sexy outfits, several in a bubble bath, and even one where she appears to have an appendage she should not. She even plays the guitar. For some reason there are pics of her on the toilet.

Jessica Jensen, UF salutes you.

[nggallery id=4]

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