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November 23, 2010

Waiting For a Story About Mud Wrestling Soon

Yes, The Pole Made it To the Stadium

What can we do to keep FC St Pauli from being relegated this season?  Top flight leagues need this type of club around to inject some life into the increasingly cold, corporate feel of international football.

After the story of sausage trains and chair kegs came the daycare in the stadium. Now we are privy to the fact that St Pauli also supports its local community by giving space to some local dancing girls to make some extra cash on matchdays.

Yes, in the main grandstand of the Millerntor Stadion, St Pauli rents space to local hotspot Susi’s Show Bar for the ladies of Susi’s to entertain the Kult faithful.

(Warning: German link)

Since the bar is in the Reeperbahn near the stadium, many of its clientele are likely to be in the Millerntor during matchday—so St Pauli’s and Susi’s combined forces for fans to blow their money on both women and footie.

What’s also interesting is that the dancing girls are all local—culled from the neighborhood around the stadium and Susi’s—which further connects St Pauli’s with its fan base as well as show it’s involved in its community.

Granted, having show girls in your stadium might not be as virtuous as sponsoring a literacy campaign or donating money to a local school, but giving locals a means to make a living sometimes beats having Carlos Zambrano read your school kids a story in broken Germo-Spanish.

If later St Pauli sends out a plea for funds in the January transfer, please give with all you’ve got—we footie fans need these guys to stay up. They are far too interesting to be buried in 2.Bundesliga and have a better sense of humor than Frank Ribery.

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  1. They are keeping these ladies away from the sausage trains aren’t they?

  2. Iggystar

    Thank you Chivas Girls.

  3. @ JT: Then the theory has adleary been tested! Someone alert Don Fabio ASAP new program for Euro qualification must include hookers and free beer, with quality vodka thrown in for those discerning types.

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