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November 24, 2010

Your Sparsely-Populated Pre-Thanksgiving CL Bootroom

"Me. I bring the turkey. Me."

Where is everyone? Already in transit to your Turkey Day festivities? Well, for those of us unlucky enough to remain chained to our desks and/or cubicles, find all the text-based CL entertainment you could possibly need right here. Right here, in our third-rate bosom.

Of course Eastern Europe had to ruin this delicate balance by kicking off an hour ago, but I care not; Rubin Kazan have a 1-0 lead over FC Copenhagen at the break. And the goal was a penalty on the stroke of half-time.

Elsewhere, there’s a modicum of intrigue. Oh, and Spurs.

Spurs have a knockout spot more or less in the bag. I can’t believe I just typed that, but it’s true. With Gareth Bale serving as the wind beneath their wings, Tottenham have toppled Inter Milan at WHL, and must surely be feeling buoyant after their NLD comeback on Saturday at the Emirates. A positive result at home to Werder Bremen should lock things up, especially if Twente falter at the San Siro, though based on Rafa’s current run of results, anything’s truly possible there.

Injuries abound to Rafa van der Vaart and Gaz Bale that make them doubtful, but I’m sure nothing will stop them from partaking. That’ll doom Werder if they do.

Tottenham 2, Werder Bremen 1
Internazionale 1, FC Twente 1

Surprisingly, a group with something at stake. First-placed Lyon travel to second-place Schalke while third-place Benfica (just a point back from ze Germans) get to fight in Israel for that runner-up spot in the group.

Of course, if Schalke and Benfica win, the Ligue Unh lads will be in the weeds, though not too worried thanks to their GD that’s 5 better than Benfica’s.

Naturally, this means draws across the board, doesn’t it? Doubt it. Hell hath no fury like a free-scoring Portuguese team with their backs against the wall (see: Braga, Sporting Club de)

Schalke 1, Lyon 1
Hapoel Tel Aviv 0, Benfica 2

Will TSE owe Shane yet more beer? Will United, perhaps sans Rooney yet again, survive the trip to Ibrox, a place that’s not exactly fond of ex-Dons coach Sir Alex Ferguson? Can Bursaspor play spoiler to Valencia’s fairly strong grip on second place?

Thinking no on both counts. Sorry, Shane; despite a nice thought about the 5-4-1 in The Guardian today, I’m backing the Red Devils to turgidly march forward where they failed in Gameweek 1.

Rangers 1, Manchester United 2
Valencia 3, Bursaspor 0

Russians already on top over the Danes, and Barca hung 5 on the Greeks in Gameweek 1. Any questions?

Rubin Kazan v. FC Copenhagen — already over
Panathanaikos 1, Barcelona 3

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  1. Outside Mid

    @ Anon: In truth, I thought Spurs had a shot at getting 2nd and that the matches with Werder would decide who joined Inter. Never expected Bale to come on like he has nor Werder to tank as poorly as they have.

  2. Uh oh. Don’t be hurt, don’t be hurt, don’t be hurt.

  3. Luka looks broken. I hope he’s just resting.


  5. Hannibal

    Rangers concede a Penno. ouchie.

    High kick on Fabio after he gets a header off, a good one, which is saved. Pen called after that, Rangers didn’t like it, but it looks bad.

    and rooney…scores.

  6. Outside Mid

    Well, if Luka’s hurt, likely more Niko time.

  7. Brian

    Penno to man u on Naismith YC as well. Fabio headed the ball across the box, and got kicked in the face. Rooney converts it

  8. and rooney…scores.

    Has anyone informed Colleen?

  9. Tno

    Why no Europa league this week? If ‘Pool wins this weekend that’s my excuse.

  10. @Tno: Europe is really big on Thanksgiving.

  11. See, Kranjcar is playing centrally since he came in. He can play in CM.

  12. SO, was that a fan hugging Rooney? And if so, did none of those stewards feel like getting him?

  13. Tno

    Hutton pushes up, Lennon has to drift in. Hutton<Lennon, making that a terrible thing.

  14. Hannibal

    Is that…Smalling? in for ManU?

  15. Hannibal

    No smithy time?

  16. Bremen have had like 30+ fouls this game. That seems rather high.

  17. How has this man been sitting on our bench for the past weeks and weeks?

  18. Brian

    @Anon, simple he didn’t just fookin run about

  19. Tno

    Lolololol at that fan that celebrated with Rooney.

  20. At least Niko will start against Twente and hopefully be impressive.

  21. Ryan

    So now both McCarty and Nyassi, #1 picks of Portland and Vancouver, have both been traded.

  22. Ryan

    Ooh, and I just saw something retweeted on Twitter that Chivas are close to getting Eric Wynalda to be their next manager.

  23. Watching the Barca-Panathens match, and the commentators have had a couple of colloquies about what’s wrong with English football. Heh.

  24. I <3 the color commentator on the Barca game, whoever he is. He gets so annoyed and is so into it. Love it.

  25. Also, I know it’s popular to hate on Barca around here, but if I could only watch one team other than Spurs, it’d be Barca. So dileeshus.


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