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November 29, 2010

Oceania Back In The Game…Maybe

The Oceania federation may be getting its seat at the table back just in the nick of time for the World Cup bidding votes. Suspended Oceania FIFA Vice President Reynald Temarii is abandoning the appeal of his suspension for vote-selling allegations. Temarii’s actions may allow Oceania to appoint an acting representative with voting privileges.

David Chung will be Temarii’s replacement as acting Oceania President. FIFA has not confirmed he will be allowed to vote, but it was rumored that Chung was on his way to Zurich.

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  1. corky

    Does anyone have any idea who’s going to win these? I have a sinking feeling it’s going to Russia and Qatar.

  2. I don’t think it will be Qatar. Too many issues that can’t be papered over with money.

  3. corky

    @TFA. Interesting. I think Qatar is doing WHATEVER it takes to get it. Of course, this is all moot if China lets it be known through back channels they want 2026. If so, USA! USA! USA!

  4. Lennon's Eyebrow

    Well China wants it for 2026, right? So it doesn’t seem practical to have it in Russia and then in China since they’re so close to each other. And a China WC has got to be attractive, so hopefully that rules Russia out (and most of the 2022 bids). I’m still worried about Qatar though. Hopefully the horrible heat and everyone’s inability to pronounce its name correctly will prevent it from winning.

  5. corky

    Well, if China wants it, it can’t be Australia, Qatar, Japan, or South Korea since they’re all in the Asian Federation together and the same federation can’t host consecutive WCs. US wins by default.

    Frankly, the Aussies are the ones getting screwed here. They’d throw a nice WC.

  6. Lennon's Eyebrow

    Oh I forgot Qatar is in Asia. Stupid confusing Middle East.

  7. Too many issues that can’t be papered over with money.

    The Fat Sepp Limit Theorem: the number of issues that can’t be papered over with money approaches 0 as the amount of money goes to infinity.

  8. @Corky: i think the public flailings of bin Hamman indicate a sense of desperation in the bid. he is also using inflammatory rhetoric of “hidden wars” being waged by the US. clever, but i don’t think it works in FIFA.

  9. @LE: there was some noise made by China in the summer about 2026 but it backed off the statement somewhat although not officially by what I can gather.

  10. Ryan

    I saw William Hill set Qatar as 4-9 favorites last Thursday or Friday. I think it’s Spain/Portugal for 2018 and Qatar 2022.

  11. @Ryan: I read elsewhere that those odds for 2022 should be taken with a large grain of salt because there were very few bettors on those offerings and any bets were likely to swing the odds especially if any significant bets were placed on Qatar.

  12. Ryan

    Yeah, that makes sense. I couldn’t even find the odds on their website.
    My favorite theory so far fwiw is the Sepp riding in to unify the Korean peninsula by awarding them the World Cup theory. Get that man a Nobel Prize!

  13. Ryan is a sucker for world peace.

  14. Ryan

    Hahaha. Watching the women’s World Cup draw, Germany gets drawn with Canada. Presenter 1: “Well, that’s exciting.”
    Presenter 2 (paraphrasing): “Well….. Yes it is. But every game is exciting with all these wonderful teams.”

  15. So the presenters are trolling the draw? Niceee.

  16. RFCSean

    Sadly, it seems as if all the momentum is swinging towards Qatar. Dark forces are at work conspiring against the US. That’s the only way you can explain that a country (here’s looking at you, Gutter) that has none of infrastructure the ole USA has could steal away the World Cup.

  17. bergkampesdios

    This is saying a lot, and I mean A WHOLE F*CKING LOT, but it would set an absolute new low if FIFA actually gives the World Cup to a country with minimal infrastructure, 1.6 million people (total), and a penchant for harsh migrant labor conditions.

  18. James T

    You must have missed Brazil 2014, then. Or Mexico 86.

  19. corky

    I CANNOT wait for the English press to dig into this once the English get screwed on 2018.

  20. James T

    Meh, Corky. Think the press will show some restraint, actually. They seem more concerned with FIFA transparency than winning a tournament that’ll be a major pain in the ass, not to mention funded by taxpayers. Plus, the Olympics are already coming to town, so it’d be nice to have more than 6 years to recover from IOC pillaging.

  21. bergkampesdios

    JT – they have 1.6 million people. Brazil and Mexico have large domestic populations to exploit. Qatar doesn’t. Big difference.

  22. corky

    @ JT. Really? I think they are going to go nuts since it’s obvious something fishy is going down. I want them to expose the FIFA frauds. Plus, maybe you can shed some light, but I thought the English cared more about the WC than the Olympics. It’s a travesty that you guys haven’t had a WC since 1966.

  23. Here’s my question: if the governing body is corrupt and polices itself, what good will Panorama and co. actually do? It’s not like this is one rogue mailroom intern making FIFA corrupt.

  24. @Georger: You’re right. It’s two mailroom interns stealing credit card applications, and Sepp Blatter.

  25. Brian

    No no, it is 2 mailroom interns stealing credit card applications so they can give Fat Sepp and Jack Warner shiny new credit cards they don’t have to pay for

  26. James T

    Population is irrelevant. Look at South Africa… what percentage of WC ticket buyers/attendees were foreign? I’d bet that even with all the late ticket sales, tourists still outnumbers natives at games.

    We do care about getting a WC… I just think that this current crop of journos isn’t as nationalist as previous generations.

  27. @Brian: Sounds like we have a premise for another Damon Wayans movie–Mo’ Money 2.

  28. Sadly, I have to agree with James T. Not that it’s sad to agree with him in principle. But on this one it is. The English journos aren’t going to dig into it. Look at the widespread English media reaction to the repeated exposure of FIFA corruption. “ZOMG they’re hurting our chances at getting the WC.” Bleh.

  29. @Anon: English media are stupid. They could have done all of this after the bids were announced and it would have none of the consequences and all of the same effect. Plus, they could even smear their own country’s bid process if they won.

  30. It’s not stupid. It’s their job.

  31. I’m saying it wasn’t sound business judgment. The media would have had the same impact on it’s bottom line by holding back the info until after the bid and newspapers are a business not an altruistic endeavor in this day and age. You need to time the big stories for the most impact but that impact would not have been blunted by holding it back. Plus if it so happened secured the bid, they could rake more muck looking into England’s bid practices and have 8 years to really focus on FIFA.

  32. @TFA: Let’s just say that I’m not a fan of your vision of the role of the media.

  33. Media is a business and they need to make decisions in their best interest. I just posit they made a poor business decision. There are arguments to the contrary in that it was a sound business decision but I disagree. It has nothing to do with what role media does or should play in society, it has everything to do with whether media can stay afloat to play that role. And, if you think the media doesn’t sit on stories to benefit them in the future, you are a bit naive.

  34. There’s a difference between what they do and what they ought to do.

  35. bergkampesdios

    JT – you misunderstand my point on population. At least Mexico and Brazil have stadia to renovate and mexicans and brazilians to do the work. Qatar has nothing and no one to build anything. Combine that with open exploitation of migrant workers and it’s a human rights disaster waiting to happen. Turning a blind eye is one thing. Open endorsement is something else entirely.

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