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December 4, 2010

Weekend Bootroom: Frozen edition

Hey baby it's cold outside.

Today doesn’t really matter for anything, since Manchester United and Blackpool were suspended for today’s match, but it would have been plenty entertaining.

I’m not going to write much today. It’s a good day for soccer, I can tell you that.

Here are the games…

7:45am- Fox Soccer Channel- Ipswich Town vs. Swansea City

9:30am- GolTV- Eintracht Frankfurt vs. FSV Mainz 05

10am- Fox Soccer Channel- Arsenal vs. Fulham

10am- ESPN2- Chelsea vs. Everton

10am- Fox Soccer Plus- Manchester City vs. Bolton

Noon- GolTV- Levante vs. Atletico Madrid

Noon- Fox Soccer Plus- Chievo Verona vs. AS Roma

12:30pm- ESPN3.com- Schalke 04 vs. Bayern Munich

1:45pm- ESPN3.com- PSV Eindhoven vs. Heracles

2pm- ESPN3.com- Osasuna vs. Barcelona

2pm- Fox Soccer Plus- Blackburn vs. Wolverhampton (Delayed)

2:45pm- Fox Soccer Channel- AC Milan vs. Brescia

4pm- GolTV- Real Madrid vs. Valencia

5pm- Fox Soccer Channel- Birmingham vs. Tottenham (Delayed)

6:15pm- GolTV- Atletico Huila vs. Santa Fe

8pm- Fox Soccer Plus- Milwall vs. Scunthorpe United

11pm- Fox Soccer Channel- Wellington Phoenix vs. Adelaide United


9am- Fox Soccer Channel- Fiorentina vs. Cagliari

9am- ESPN3.com- Parma vs. Udinese

10:30am- Fox Soccer Plus- Wigan Athletic vs. Stoke City (Delayed)

11am- Fox Soccer Channel- Sunderland vs. West Ham United

11am- DirecTV- Getafe vs. Mallorca

11am- ESPN3.com- Almeria vs. Real Zaragoza

11am- GolTV- Espanyol vs. Sporting Gijon

11:30am- ESPN3.com- Nuremburg vs. Borussia Dortmund

12:30pm- Fox Soccer Plus- Doncaster Rovers vs. Barnsley (Delayed)

1pm- ESPN Deportes/ESPN3.com- Villarreal vs. Sevilla

2pm- GolTV- Fluminense vs. Guarani de Campinas

2:45pm- Fox Soccer Channel- Catania vs. Juventus

3pm- DirecTV- Real Sociedad vs. Athletic Bilbao

3pm- Fox Soccer Plus- Saint Etienne vs. Bordeaux

4pm- GolTV- Bayer Leverkusen vs. FC Cologne

7pm- Fox Soccer Channel- USA Under-17 national team vs. Turkey

7pm- Telemundo- Monterrey vs. Santos Laguna

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  1. Wacman

    WASTE from Guthrie

  2. @Shane: The best part is when they disable streams after 75 or 80 minutes. No shit, I’ve watched streams that got disabled in stoppage time. Really? Bah.

  3. Wacman

    @Shane, maxsportz4 dot blogspot dom com

  4. Pradajames

    Why didnt Guthrie let Enrique take that. Guthrie was so good for us last year, shame to see him struggle.

  5. Shane

    @wac: Savior.
    @anon: I’ve seen SPL streams get disabled. Now tell me, who in the fuck does that!?

  6. Shane

    Being the soccer guy out of my friends, or at least the biggest soccer guy, I always thought I was the only person in the world with a bookmarks list a few miles long full of pages I watched a mid-season League 1 match at before. Glad to see that is not the case.

  7. Wacman

    @Shane, I only have my.p2p bookmarked, but I also have Sopcast, Veetle, and TVU on my comp, so my dedication is solid (ridiculous)

  8. Ryan

    Is it me, or have Newcastle played a lot of these early Sunday fixtures this year?

  9. Orr

    Ugh, rough night. I can always count on Fiorentina and Cagliari not to score before I wake up, or at all.

  10. Wacman

    Much better for Newcastle

  11. Pradajames

    @ wacman – Agreed, diagonal balls seem to be working…

  12. Wacman

    How the hell did that happen?

  13. Pradajames

    If it were anyone other than Alan Smith on the bench, I’d say take Guthrie out.

  14. Ryan

    Not a good day for Guthrie.

  15. Wacman

    Odemwingie just Benzema’d that in…and wow, sorry prada…

  16. Wacman

    it’s like pradadamus over here. Guthrie gives away the goal, and then Smith gets booked SECONDS after coming on

  17. Pradajames

    I stepped away to punch a kitten. Ranger on for Jonas?

  18. Wacman

    @Shane, fapltv dot com

  19. Pradajames

    This sucks.

  20. Wacman

    Sol Campbell gets Howard’d…It’s his fault that he was standing there and didn’t move out of the attacking player’s way

  21. Wacman

    Ok, that time it was Sol’s fault that he was just standing there…

  22. Pradajames

    Fucking Sol hailing a cab…when we’re good, we’re tremendous. But when we suck, we suck like no other.

  23. Orr

    All you Mutu fans out there will be happy to know that he’s the difference for Fiorentina so far, 1-0 over Cagliari

  24. Wacman

    Hey, they pulled one back!

  25. Pradajames

    @ Wacman – We’ll need it for GD.

  26. Wacman


  27. Ryan

    Spector’s starting for West Ham today. What a difference a brace makes huh?

  28. Pradajames

    C’mon you Hammers.

  29. Is Spector playing in the midfield? Another Bale?

  30. @Goat, I think so, but he is definitely a worse defender than Bale

  31. Arkie

    I hope Spector adapts to this new position, but what it will mean for the national team is that Americans can evidently only play midfield well (besides gk, though Timmy hasn’t been as much of a beast this year). I want to see a friendly where we forget forwards and just use our depth of midfield talent.

  32. I don’t know–Bale was pretty shitty. I also suspect Spector’s not very good in attack either, his midweek brace notwithstanding.

  33. Wacman

    I watched this goal for Gyan, and he did that…Awesome

  34. Arkie

    has anyone seen this picture of Guzan? it made me lulz. http://www.sbnation.com/soccer/2010/11/17/1818300/usmnt-in-search-of-depth-as-they-take-on-south-africa

    and I want to see Gyan dance again!

  35. Wacman

    @Arkie, I meant to say game, Gyan just played a pinpoint ball to Henderson, who finished. The pass was great though.

  36. lolz who ever thought we would see Spector running through defenses and actually doing a good job of it

  37. Wacman

    Spector just had a great run. If anything, that’s a penalty, Ferdinand just shoved him as he took the shot

  38. Brest look threatening to start the second half. NYK feels threatened by Brest.

  39. What a goal for Brest! 1-1.

  40. What a great goal for PSG! 2-1.

  41. I am full of creative and nuanced comments today.

  42. @Anon, you rival the British announcers with your commentary good sir

  43. the News of the World reported, without citing anyone.


  44. And Giuly’s booked for a dive that wasn’t really a dive in the box. Wasn’t really a penalty either. Shoulder to shoulder.

  45. Ryan

    Citations and sources are for lesser newspapers.

  46. If City were to do that, if I’m ‘Arry I make that sale without blinking

  47. Ryan

    If you’re ‘Arry you first make 20+ statements to the press about various issues of the day, then you might make the sale without blinking.

  48. How does tiny Ludovic Giuly get a free header in the box? (Which he misses completely.)

  49. @Brian: The next thing you know there will be insane accusations of “lobbying” in Washington, D.C. Such an irresponsible press.

  50. @Anon, yea there is also a report that about 13 members of the Exco were “buyable” my response is that it is ONLY 13 members

  51. PSG 3 – 1 Brest. Giuly’s better with his feet than his head, turns out.

  52. @Brian: They probably mean 13 ExCom members they tried to buy. They just didn’t get around to trying the other however many.

  53. @Anon, or maybe they ran out of money to try the other members, royal weddings aren’t cheap.

  54. @Brian: Unlike, say, ExCom members. :P

  55. That’s why Russia was able to win, Russian hookers are dirt cheap so it didn’t really cost them anything

  56. Wacman

    @Brian, Qatari hookers must be free then…

  57. Who needs hookers when you have oil?

  58. Ryan

    I believe in Qatar you are given permission to treat every woman like a hooker.

  59. @Anon, they used hookers to, its just they were covered up and snuck in the back door, the Russians just walked theirs right in the front lobby

  60. I like these giant orange boxes in Ligue 1 games. They have written on them: “Orange (TM)”. Is that really a distinctive mark? “Orange”?

  61. Ryan

    Green almost with the frango.

  62. Green (TM) almost with the frango?

  63. Ryan

    Uh oh Pups, Sunderland are doing the take the ball to the corner thing.

  64. @Ryan: Their loss. Morans.

  65. So, Brest got stomped. Will ASSE roll later today?

  66. Wacman

    Faubert is sooooooo bad. Two good crossing opportunities, both were horrid

  67. Ryan

    On the other hand, these guys look pretty gruntled.

  68. Props to whoever had the idea to put the title of the website on the browser to Unprofessional Foul Qatar? Seriously? Very well done

  69. Keith

    JT- ready for tomorrow’s Battle for 11th? Winner leads the bottom half of the table!

  70. Wacman

    @Keith, I haven’t clicked the link, I’m almost positive you don’t want wee little Mikey?

  71. Keith

    @Wac: We already have an over the hill front-line player. If Gerard wants to play a hold-up man and a poacher, he’s got Nathan Delfouneso to go alongside Gabby. We don’t need a sicknote when we’ve already got an injury crisis.

  72. James T

    C’mon lads, tomorrow! Shit on the Villa! Something about … PERIL!

  73. Ryan

    Uh oh. Spoke too soon. Vieira has competition for disgruntled City player of the day.

  74. Yes. How dare Mancini sub his best player when they’re winning. How dare he not risk injury or exhaustion. Tsk.

  75. WhoNeedsForwards

    I was pretty happy Beckford managed to not put it over from a yard out this time…

  76. Wacman

    @WNF, I was happy with that as well, as Chelsea are slumping hardcore…

  77. Tno

    This Schalke- Bayern game is pretty open.

  78. Tno

    Gomez is PANTS1!!1!!!
    Is this the most delayed talking to myself in the bootroom ever?

  79. People offside on FKs: HATEHATEHATE.


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