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December 6, 2010

2010 Foulies: Best Blog We Rag On Sometimes Because We’re Jerks

Dogs and cats living together. Mass hysteria!

I’m running out of steam on writing these, so if the intros get shorter, I apologize. But this one is worth it. The people we have love/hate relationships with. Vote away.

EPL Talk—Where do I begin? How about with a confession? I used to write for EPL Talk. A couple years ago, I wrote for The Gaffer before I changed jobs and had to stop. When I decided I could write for a blog again, I chose to go in a different direction, and the rest is history. The facts are these: We give The Gaffer and his crew a really hard time, but they have a huge following, and he knows how to market the hell out of those sites. He’s done something right, and we need to admit it.

Avoiding the Drop—Part of the fun of knowing most of these guys is that we can rip them a new one for giving Georger a soapbox—we kid, buddy, we kid—but they are good people who write well, so we’ll be nice for today.

The Run of PlayThis is a controversial one, since James T (huge fan) guested there once,  and thus not everybody on the UF crew rags on/dislikes this blog. With 14-15 people on our “staff”, you can imagine that opinions run the gamut, right? One thing is certain: it’s the most visually appealing blog in the whole group. And what Brian Phillips does, he does well. Very well.

The Offside—I admit it… I’m not a fan. But does any other site get as many subjects covered in such a space? I think not. They know what they’re doing and do it to the fullest.

There you go. Four solid contenders. Vote away or go back to the main post for the rest of the categories. Vote safely!

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  1. Keith

    Why do I think that ATD/ROP are going to run away with this one?
    Oh right, it’s the title “best” for the award.

  2. Ryan

    What’s to dislike about the Offside?

  3. That wasn’t in response to you Ryan.

  4. James T

    I love three of the four blogs listed.

  5. @Georger, you said Liverpool would win the league? What did James T give you to write that?

  6. Ryan

    I like one, have no problem with another, have never heard of a third, and have a low opinion of the fourth.

  7. In the next picture that dog swallows the kitten whole. Not even a drop of blood. Quite disturbing really…

  8. James T

    Elliott, are we the dog, the cat, or the photographer?

  9. @Ryan, one thing that comes to mind about your earlier question is that with almost all the soccer blogs out there, there are not really any blogs that are actually bad, it is just how they present everything. I know the reason that I visit most of the blogs on my favorites is for the sarcasm and humor that is brought with the news. We would all get the same knowledge without any of these blogs, but we pick certain blogs based on how the information is presented to us which I think is the biggest reason people prefer some of these sites to others

  10. That EPL Talk is winning is a cruel, cruel joke.

  11. James T

    It only seems right, honestly.

  12. Keith

    @Brian: I suggested Plop would finish second on the pre-season Foulcast. And that Chelsea would finish either third our out of the top 4 (I forget which).

  13. @Brian: True. I originally <3'd UF for its out-and-out adult-level irreverence. Which has, sadly, been toned down since the ads came about. Bwomp bwomp. But it hooked me before that happened. I wish I knew how to quit it.

  14. Ryan

    @Brian: I guess I asked about the Offside because with the other two (leaving AtD out), I could definitely see why people dislike them. I guess I just haven’t heard any criticism of the Offside, so I was kind of surprised. I mean, it’s not like they employ poo flinging monkeys as writers. (Though they never respond to emails, so that’s a mark against them I suppose).

  15. Ryan

    Oops, should have said *my* emails.

  16. Ryan

    But honestly, I agree with Anonsters, y’all can’t really like EPL Talk can you?

  17. @Ryan: Some have called The Offside a lot like Bleacher Report. I don’t agree, but that’s the point. We’re having a good laugh and seeing what people think.
    @Anonsters: I actually think the irreverence didn’t go with the ads. We don’t argue quite as much in public as we used to maybe. I dunno. I’m one of the newer guys. Also, Norfolk Ned was a big part of the angry dude vibe. I miss him.

  18. Wait, there are other websites? I thought UF was the whole internet.

  19. EXCLUSIVE: this one’s rigged

  20. James T

    Quiet, Harry Harris.

  21. Seriously? We’re losing to EPL Talk? I mean…they’re bigger and all, but we’re cuter. WAY cuter.

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