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December 6, 2010

2010 Foulies: Best Soccer Blog We Envy For Its Huge Traffic Numbers

The UF server. That's all we can afford.

This one is pretty simple: We’re a small-ish, third-rate blog run by people who can’t even agree on whether The Replacements are a good band or not (they aren’t).

So when we look at blogs with bigger numbers, we do get pageview envy. We admit it.

But just because we hate other people’s success, we don’t hate their work. With that in mind, consider the following nominees.

Dirty TackleI give Brooks Peck a lot of grief for being part of the Yahoo! traffic machine. And yes, I think even he might admit he doesn’t get the level of commenters that we do here at UF, but he does well because he does good stuff. The Continental makes me laugh almost every time, and he churns out posts at a rate that must mean he’s actually getting paid. Lucky guy.

Soccer by Ives—While Ives Galarcep doesn’t seem to be writing quite as much for his namesake blog since his move to Fox Sports, he’s added some quality people. Ives is the guy you want to MLS stuff and good, solid game reports. What do you think about his blog? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Who Ate All The Pies—Ollie Irish’s blog was the reason I found Unprofessional Foul. He was linked in a post on some other blog, so I checked his stuff out, laughed my head off, saw a link to UF and thought, “well, if it’s even close to this good…” My first UF post read was by the long-deceased Bigus Dickus. It was about Norwich. I went back to “Pies” immediately.

The Spoiler—It’s not enough that The Spoiler has some of the best WAG pics around, but they also do work with Deadspin, which gives them crazy numbers. Envy.

Kickette—Since I struck out with the Needs More Kittens chick, I’ve decided to set my sites on the gals over at Kickette. They have a niche, and they do it so well that nobody else can some close.

There are the contestants. Vote below and make sure to check out the main post for the other categories. Vote safely!

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