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December 8, 2010

Keep Voting For Your Foulie Winners

If awards are good enough for William Peterson, they're good enough for soccer blogs

We made it to midweek, and we’re still pushing hard for your votes in the 2010 Foulies. The lucky winners will receive a glorious prize package—we won’t talk about it just yet, but it’ll be sweet—and the glory of knowing that they won a prize unlike any other in the blog world.

I mean, we’re not the biggest fans of awards—because we’re all special, folks—but we’ll be damned if we don’t give respect, kudos, and adulation to the sites we read daily when we’re not busy penning our own third-rate excellence.

And so, if you haven’t voted yet—and I’m sure a few are still accepting bribes in private for their votes—find all the links below to all the Foulie categories.

We’ll announce winners on Monday, get prizes out in time for Xmas (we hope), and then we’ll surge into 2011 with all our might.

Thanks for your time, love, and support.

Best Twitter Feed

Best Soccer Blog We Think Deserves More Traffic

Best Soccer Blog We Envy for Its Huge Traffic Numbers

Best Blog We Rag On Sometimes Because We’re Jerks

Best Non-Soccer Blog That Tries To Dabble In Soccer Without Sounding Condescending

Best Reason To Be Angry At The World

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James T


  1. Your polls are broken. They only let me vote once.

  2. James T

    What do you think this is, FIFA?

  3. @LE: ipconfig is your friend.

  4. Goosie

    I hope to God that Sepp Blatter wins an award. I’d be pretty excited to see what kind of prize you guys would mail him.

  5. I can poo in a bag for you if you want. We’ll need someone in Zurich to light it on fire, though.

  6. James T

    We’ll take pictures of the prizes before we send them. There will be some thought given to the process. Sadly, I think customs might halt anything poo-related

  7. @James T, all the more reason to deliver the poo in person

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