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December 12, 2010

Bootroom Part Two: The Broken Again Edition

We’re Trying to fix these, people. For now play up here.

For those of you up and watching SF Bolton v. Blackburn Rovers, you deserve a fresh open thread.

Well you probably deserve other things (therapy, a life, etc.) but we don’t pay for those kinds of services. We simply traffic in posts, sarcasm, toilet humor, and third-rateness.

Chelsea at Lucky to Finish Seventh is the day’s marquee match-up in the Prem to go with a nice healthy slate of games in both Spain and Italy where, as I check the score and type, it looks that Mee-lan has already posted a 3-0 win.

Mostly full line-up coming after I get coffee and a snowshovel.

SF Bolton v. Blackburn Rovers
Wolves v. Birmingham

9:00 AM
AS Roma v Bari
Brescia v Sampdoria
Cagliari v Catania
Lecce v Chievo Verona

11:00 AM
Spuds v. Spartak London
Athletic Bilbao v Espanyol
Hercules v Málaga
Mallorca v Racing Santander
Sporting Gijon v Levante
Real Zaragoza v Real Madrid

2:45 PM
Juventus v Lazio

3:00 PM
Barcelona v Real Sociedad

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  1. WhoNeedsForwards

    And yet so appropriate.

  2. Anonsters

    A rousing rendition of “When the Zips go marching in.” Can zips march? Shouldn’t they, you know, zip?

  3. Anonsters

    @Ryan: That’s an unfortunate place to position the mini-Zip.

  4. Anonsters

    The Substitution Airhorn!

  5. Anonsters

    Neither one of these sides has won a soccer championship. I’m surprised Harkes hasn’t broken out his “this is just like Netherlands-Spain World Cup” line yet.

  6. @Anon, there are lines of absurdity that even Harkes can’t fathom

  7. Anonsters

    @Brian: Are you sure? Remember. It’s John Harkes we’re talking about.

  8. @Anon Harkes can’t fathom the comment, Lalas on the other hand would have already said it 5-6 times

  9. Anonsters

    “You’re not going to make it, you’re not going to make it, you’re not going to make it, you suck” sung to the tune (sort of) of “We’re not gonna take it”. Charming.

  10. Anyone else wish that Ian Darke would do the announcing on this one?

  11. Anonsters

    That would be cruel. To Ian Darke.

  12. Anonsters

    This amused me on ESPN3′s schedule of programming:

    12:00 PM BASKETBALL Eurocup Basketball (Allen Iverson) – KK Hemofarm Stada vs. Besiktas Cola Turka

  13. Anonsters

    Teal Bunbury. What a great name.

  14. I think they hsould just rename ESPN3 to ESPN International,

  15. Anonsters

    True story, Woy: Liverpool fans never want to see a repeat of you on the touchline.

  16. @Anon, the thing is though I don’t think a new manager is going to suddenly boost them to a top 4-5 standing. This team is old in some key areas, and lacks depth in others. Until there is a better squad Liverpool is always going to be right around 7-8 in the table

  17. Anonsters

    No, I agree. Which is why I thought it was silly for people to be claiming, before the season started, that Liverpool was going to be so much better than Spurs this year. Just don’t see it with their personnel. That said, they should probably play better than they do now. They can be truly woeful at times.

  18. @Anon, I’m curious how much of that is on their defense though. They have a -1 GD which is good enough for about 10-11 in the final table. I think Woy can be successful at Liverpool, it is just everyone needs to settle down and realize this is not a quick fix job where you bring in 1-2 new players and everything is good, a major revamp takes time and if the manager keeps getting replaced that full cleanout is never going to happen

  19. Anonsters

    Well, if it’s a long-term fixer-upper, sell Nando to Spurs. :P

  20. Let’s be realistic, Spaniards only go to 1 of two places when they transfer after becoming stars, Barca or Real

  21. Anonsters

    I don’t want to be realistic. I want to fantasize about Spurs having a high-quality striker.

  22. That will happen at about the same time Everton get a consistent striker

  23. Anonsters

    Buy Pavs! He’s consistent(ly lazy).

  24. Yea we already have one of those, he goes by the name Saha

  25. COYZ! If EF is still here, Elon beat Lynchburg in basketball. Well, actually they beat Lynchburg whether he’s here or not.

  26. Anonsters

    The Zippers have been in control of this game for as much as I’ve paid attention, which is about 2/3rds of the game. Still no goals. Zzz.

  27. Ryan

    Re: the Liverpool discussion from a little earlier, I think the argument for sacking Hodgson doesn’t really revolve around the idea that another manager could be doing that much better right now. The thing is, the January window is going to be big, new investment from Henry, and a chance to improve the squad. Now, do they really want a guy like Hodgson at the helm for something like that?

  28. Anonsters

    @Ryan: Why not? His Konchesky acquisition was a stroke of genius!

  29. Anonsters

    And the Zippers go up!

  30. Arkie

    is cawledge golden goal? surely not, but this is ‘merica. Well might not matter after that piece of shit defending of a corner

  31. Anonsters

    @Arkie: Apparently it is. Golden shower goal. Although Louisville haven’t looked like scoring this whole game, so that Zipper goal may, um, zip this one up.

  32. Anonsters

    Well, hello, cute Akron girls.

  33. @Ryan, unless the management feels it was a huge mistake to hire Woy in the first place then I think you have to. If I remember correctly Liverpool spent almost no money this summer, so you should at least give the current manager one transfer window to get some players that he wants/feels will help improve the squads weakness’s then if nothing good really happens you sack him in May

  34. Ryan

    @Brian: Hmm, I don’t know. I mean, no they didn’t get a ton of money to spend, but look at the signings Hodgson did make*:
    Joe Cole
    Brad Jones
    Danny Wilson
    Wilson aside, that’s not a huge degree of success is it?
    *Or at least signings that happened while he was manager. I suppose some deals could have been in place before then.

  35. Anonsters

    I thank dog every day that LOL Cole went to Liverpool and not to Spurs.

  36. @Ryan, true but how many free transfers that happened this summer have really been a success for anyone in the EPL? There is usually a reason a player is allowed to leave on a free tansfer, either due to age or ability. I personally am more interested in how a manager does on players they buy just because with money you actually have a good amount of control over the players you can choose to bring in

  37. Ryan

    So, how much stoppage ti—? Oh, okay then.

  38. Ryan

    That was a terrible Gatorade dump.

  39. Anonsters

    It was. The coach had to stand still and practically put the thing on like a hat.

  40. Arkie

    That Louisville player that missed the shot against a field player in goal is going to have a hard time getting over this one. That was a GOLDEN opportunity. Shouldn’t miss that even if a ‘keeper is in goal.

  41. Ryan

    @Brian: I guess that’s true. But Konchesky came in for 3m and Poulsen came in for 4m. I guess my attitude is more along the lines of: if he can’t do good business for 3 and 4 million, how will he do good business for 20 or 30 million?

  42. Anonsters

    Says the guy whose team paid 30m for James Milner and who proposes that his team pay 30m for Andy Carroll.

  43. Iggystar

    Wow Louisville 18-1 much?

  44. @Ryan, that is true, but I feel like you need to give him some more time just to see what he can do. If you look at SAF, or Arsene, or heck even David Moyes, they all miss more than they make in the transfer window, so I just think he should get a full year to see what can happen

  45. Ryan

    @Anonsters: Because I’m such a big Mancini fan…

  46. Anonsters

    @Ryan: I thought you were being Bobby Manc? Bah. You fickled Citizen.

  47. Ryan

    Ha. I’m just saying, it would be different if I defended the Milner transfer and then turned around and ripped on the Konchesky deal. But I didn’t. Stupid deals are stupid deals.

  48. Konstantin

    Re: Gatorade dumps; didn’t a coach die from it once? Shouldn’t that be reason enough to put a halt to that? Although it is great to see. And, in Santa Barbara, that’s probably O.K.
    Well, back to PaulFK talk, everybody!


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