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December 14, 2010

Ortega Family Reunion Turns Sour

El Burrito loves the holidays!

This is the time of year when many families feel obligated to try to organize reunions or similar get-togethers intended to force relatives who would otherwise never see each other to sit around a table and exchange backhanded compliments and veiled threats.

Ariel “El Burrito” Ortega’s family is no different.

The troubled River Plate midfielder, who is in the midst of an ongoing battle with depression and alcoholism, was in his hometown of San Salvador de Jujuy (top left corner of Argentina) for one such festive reunion yesterday. He ended up spending the night at a local police station after a drunken argument got out of hand.

The details surrounding the incident are confusing, but isn’t that always the case with drunken family arguments?

The police report suggests that Ariel was hanging out with a cousin named “Carlos V.” and a mutual friend, when Carlos got into a pretty heated argument with his girlfriend. He was screaming at her and threatening her with a knife. While El Burrito and the mutual friend tried to calm his cousin down, the woman called the cops.

When officers arrived at the scene, they hauled the three men off to the station, where they waited all night for a police doctor to pronounce that they had “had a few drinks.” Ortega was released this morning after receiving a warning from the cops.

I guess sometimes it pays to be the most famous soccer player ever from Jujuy. Let’s hope this doesn’t put a damper on the Christmas celebrations at the Ortega household, shall we?

On a more serious note, hopefully Ariel will find some effective help for his addiction and emotional problems, because right now everything points to him becoming Argentina’s version of George Best or Paul Gascoigne.

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