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December 21, 2010

Galaxy to Becks: “Uh… Maybe Not”

Wow, He Looks Like Farve. Acts A Little Like Him Too.

Hey remember when Becks was all “I’m going to go to Europe for the winter so I can keep my dream of playing for the Three Lions alive.” By the way it totally helps if you say that in your head with the GEICO lizard’s voice.

That was all of yesterday if you forgot.

And today, his employer doesn’t seem to share that dream. The LA Galaxy, for whom Beckham occasionally plays (when he’s not at Mee-lan, or not injured or not being ambassador for his country’s failed World Cup bid), released a statement putting the kibosh on Becks’ neverending quest to get capped again: “We are not aware that David is looking to be loaned to any other team and we are fully expecting he reports with the rest of his Galaxy teammates in late January for the upcoming season.”

Oh-no they did-unt.

Okay, they actually did. And what are the going to say? “Yes, we’re anxious to get rid of him”?

Becks is entering the last year of his 5-year $19 bajillion deal with the Galaxy, and when we broke down the numbers during Becks’ last injury stint, he had actually played a pitifully low percentage of games for the Galaxy during the length of that contract.

Two notes. First: the numbers in the above post are off a bit as he did come back before the season ended so he played in a few games for the 2010 season (but not enough to seriously alter the percentages). Second: God, for an over-the-hill brainless twit, we sure do blog about him a lot (mostly TSE and James T blog about him, but still).

Anyway, having not gotten a lot of minutes for their money, the Galaxy might finally want him in camp on time and healthy when it starts. Took ‘em long enough.

Or maybe they just don’t want to give away any hand in negotiating.

No matter what, exactly, the Galaxy think, Becks thinks he’s going somewhere. How do we know? We can read! As we quoted Goldenballs yesterday: “But I will be going back somewhere as I want to keep myself fit and keep myself in with a chance of getting called up for England again. To do that, I have to be somewhere, so fingers crossed I can sort something out.”

Maybe some day he goes away. That day, however, is not today. And it’s not the end of the month either if the Galaxy have their way.

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