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December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas, Kenya!

Do They Have Hurricanes in Kenya?

Your nation might finally have one, unified football association in the new year—all thanks to the machinations of FIFA! First—a little background for you.

Just who should be the real football association—either the Kenya Football Federation or Kenya Football Limited—has been argued locally for several years amongst Kenya footie power brokers.

FIFA muddied the waters in 2008 by recognizing KFL—a private company—as the legitmate organization to handle Kenya’s national team the Harambee Stars and conduct its top flight club football. The KFF was dismissed by FIFA as the rightful group due to government interference.

While the KFF continued to assert its claims of legitimacy over the KFL, the KFL has been fighting from within and stealing money from itself.  The limited company recently requested assistance from the government—NO!—as it is so low on cash, it can’t effectively manage the national squad nor its premier league.

Now, as it’s duly recognized organization is begging for Kenya’s government to interfere with it, FIFA is stepping in and appointing its own officials to oversee an election that will finally merge the rival KFF-KFL factions and turn KFL into an association.

Apparently, Sepp got twitchy when he saw an organization other than his own interfering.

And apparently, for this to go down smoothly in April 2011, he’ll have to turn on his FIFA charms to convince the KFF to actually call for an election of the federation board. See, since the KFL is a private company, the KFF still contends it has no authority to call for elections to the board of the  national football association.

And the KFF still isn’t too happy about being kicked to the curb after the Court of Arbitration and Sport supported FIFA and the KFL in the suit the KFF had brought after the 2008 decision.

Alright, enough Debbie Downing—Kenya, you get some semblance of order for your Harambee Stars as a Christmas gift, so celebrate by not getting too clobbered by Egypt in January!

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